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    • Medicaid nursing facility reimbursement methods: 1979-1997 

      Swan, James H.; Harrington, Charlene; Clemeña, Wendy; Pickard, Ruth B.; Studer, Liatris; deWit, Susan K. (Sage Publications, 2000-09)
      This article describes state Medicaid nursing facility reimbursement methods and rates in 1979-1997, using data derived from telephone surveys of state Medicaid reimbursement. The 1980s saw shifts toward prospective ...
    • State-imposed limits on Medicaid reimbursement for nursing facility care 

      Swan, James H.; Harrington, Charlene; de Wit, Susan K.; Zhong, Ming (American Public Health Association, 1997-07)
      Nursing cost-center limits were examined, along with their effects on Medicaid.