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    • AIDS: the challenge for long-term care administrators 

      Zafar, H. U. (Association of University Programs in Health Administration, 1992)
    • Explaining state Medicaid nursing home reimbursement 

      Swan, James H.; Harrington, Charlene; Pickard, Ruth B. (Routledge, 2001)
      Medicaid nursing home reimbursement methods and per diem rates affect costs, quality, equity, and access. State rate-setting is a laboratory of policymaking, which can inform state and federal Medicaid reform initiatives. ...
    • Medicaid case-mix nursing home reimbursement in three states 

      Swan, James H.; Pickard, Ruth B. (Routledge, 2003)
      Case-mix nursing facility payment raises issues of access, quality, equity, and cost. Case-mix should better match payment to costs, improve access, and provide incentives to increased staffing and quality of care; but it ...
    • State Medicaid nursing home reimbursement rates: adjusting for ancillaries 

      Swan, James H.; Bhagavatula, Valli; Algotar, Amit; Seirawan, Mouhammad; Clemeña, Wendy; Harrington, Charlene (Oxford University Press, 2001-10)
      State variation in inclusion of ancillary services in daily Medicaid nursing home reimbursement rates, versus covering ancillary costs outside of such rates, makes rate comparisons difficult. The purpose of this study is ...
    • State-imposed limits on Medicaid reimbursement for nursing facility care 

      Swan, James H.; Harrington, Charlene; de Wit, Susan K.; Zhong, Ming (American Public Health Association, 1997-07)
      Nursing cost-center limits were examined, along with their effects on Medicaid.