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    • Assessment tool for nursing student computer competencies 

      Elder, Betty L.; Koehn, Mary L. (National League for Nursing, 2009-05)
      Computer skills have been established as important for nursing students and for graduate nurses. No current research was found on the best method to evaluate the skills of incoming nursing students. The purpose of this ...
    • Capturing patient encounters during health care provider training using Personal Digital Assistants 

      Fox, Charles R.; Day, David; Griffin, Audrey; Huckstadt, Alicia A. (Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions, 2007)
      Contemporary allied health education requires students experience both a depth and breadth of clinical encounters to prepare them to provide an increasingly broadening and evolving scope of practice. The Physician Assistant ...
    • Developing interactive continuing education on the web 

      Hayes, Karen S.; Huckstadt, Alicia A.; Gibson, Robert (Slack, 2000-09)
      To meet the continuing education needs of advanced practice nurses, on-line continuing education modules were designed as part of a grant-funded nurse practitioner learning project.
    • Evaluating on-line continuing education for nurses 

      Huckstadt, Alicia A.; Hayes, Karen S. (Springer Publishing, 2000)
      The rapid increase in web sites for nursing continuing education demands critical appraisal by the user. The level of anonymity of the web site authors and sponsors may lead to a laxity of accountability found in no other ...
    • Teaching breastfeeding on the web 

      Riordan, Janice M. (Sage Publications, 2000-08)
      Teaching breastfeeding on the Internet breaks down geographic barriers and draws students from all over the globe for a rich learning experience. This article describes the development and teaching strategies of a successful ...