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    • Stray Pooch 

      Clark, Allen; Hosch, Richard; Dinh, Kieu; Haroon, Bilal (2011-12-06)
      They say dog is man’s best friend; for the elderly this is exceptionally true. Finding a way to allow those who have pets but are unable to interact with them do to limited mobility is the whole goal of the Stray Pooch ...
    • Laser Guided Evacuation System 

      Sharpe, Harlan; Crawford, Donald; Abdelhaq, Mohammad; Upadhayay, Pawan (2011-12-08)
      The intent of this project is to provide an improved evacuation system for buildings, homes, and other structures under the events of an emergency. The system will incorporate a traveling laser light shown upon the wall, ...
    • Smoke Spy 

      Bhattarai, Pratibha; Oloo, Isaac; Johnson, Joshua (2011-12-09)
    • Guitar -2- Tab 

      Fitzgerald, Robert; Newell, Josh; King, Tim; Abdullah, Khayr (2011-12-12)
      A device using sensors and calculations to record tablature from a guitar straight to a text file in human readable format.
    • RED: Roadside Emergency Device 

      De Leon, Ismael; Nguyen, Roy; Nguyen, Teresa Hoang (2011-12-13)
    • TAJA Racing 

      Nguyen, Thuan; Whitaker, A.J.; Christman, Joe; Esparza, Alex (2011-12-14)
      Cycling devices have evolved from the simple device that records speed to the complex devices out on the market. Today’s advancement in technology brings us the XiSport Cycling Training Device. The XiSport lets you do ...
    • TiiCH : Interactive Whiteboard System 

      Amaranayake, Ashan; Nguyen, Kevin; Khadka, Jitendra; Dalpathado, Mahesh (2011-12-15)
      This TIICH system is designed to eliminate the use of chalkboards and whiteboards. Letting teachers fully enter the electronic world but at a minimal cost. We wanted to let teachers teach their class, write their notes, ...