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    • Effects of pelvic and core strength training on high school cross-country race times 

      Clark, Anne W.; Goedeke, Maggie K.; Cunningham, Saengchoy R.; Rockwell, Derek E.; Lehecka, B.J.; Manske, Robert C.; Smith, Barbara S. (Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc., 2017-08)
      There is only limited research examining the effect of pelvic and core strength training on running performance. Pelvic and core muscle fatigue is believed to contribute to excess motion along frontal and transverse planes ...
    • Evidence-based medicine/practice in sports physical therapy 

      Manske, Robert C.; Lehecka, B.J. (Sports Physical Therapy Section, 2012-10)
      A push for the use of evidence-based medicine and evidence-based practice patterns has permeated most health care disciplines. The use of evidence-based practice in sports physical therapy may improve health care ...