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    • Current concepts in shoulder examination of the overhead athlete 

      Manske, Robert C.; Ellenbecker, Todd S. (The Sports Physical Therapy Section, 2013-10)
      Examination of the shoulder complex has long been described as challenging. This is particularly true in the examination of the overhead athlete who has structural differences when compared to a shoulder patient who is a ...
    • Difference in isokinetic torque acceleration energy of the rotator cuff: competitive male pitchers versus male nonathletes 

      Manske, Robert C.; Tajchman, Casey S.; Stranghoner, Todd A.; Ellenbecker, Todd S. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2004-08)
      Rotator cuff function is critical to the overhead athlete. Rotator cuff power is felt to be important in the overhead athlete during the throwing motion. Little research exists regarding torque acceleration energy (TAE) ...
    • Glenohumeral motion deficits: friend or foe? 

      Manske, Robert C.; Wilk, Kevin E.; Davies, George J.; Ellenbecker, Todd S.; Reinold, Mike (The Sports Physical Therapy Section, 2013-10)
      In most shoulder conditions a loss of glenohumeral motion results in shoulder performance impairments. However, in the overhead athlete loss of glenohumeral internal rotation, termed glenohumeral internal rotation deficiency ...
    • The shoulder in swimming 

      Davies, George J.; Matheson, James; Ellenbecker, Todd S.; Manske, Robert C. (Elsevier, 2009-12)