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    • Comparison of VOIP and VOATM for voice transmission 

      Bhagavathula, Ravi; Kamat, P.; Sehgal, M.; Pendse, Ravi (OPNETWORK 2001, 2001-08)
      The tremendous advances in the field of multi-service networking have enabled the integration of voice and data networks leading to a reduction in the overall network setup and maintenance costs. In this paper, an evaluation ...
    • Study of PSTN circuit switched model in OPNET 

      Bhagavathula, Ravi; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Hardikar, K.; Pendse, Ravi (OPNETWORK 2002, 2002-08)
      VoIP is an emerging technology aimed at leveraging the benefits offered by an IP network for both voice and data transmission. The integration of voice and data traffic onto a single network is led by a demand for multi-service ...
    • Mobile MOGRE VPN 

      Bhagavathula, Ravi; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Immich, P.; Pendse, Ravi (2002-09)
      While the usage of IPSec based VPNs for the construction and maintenance of a mobile VPN is feasible, issues related to its scalability in terms of required resources and QoS provisioning limit its practical deployment. ...
    • Voice over IP, security and quality of service can they co-exist? 

      Thanthry, Nagaraja; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE communication society, 2004-12)
      Voice over IP and Multi-Service over IP continue to gain popularity as applications and services are being developed to make them more robust. Due to the real time nature of these applications, appropriate quality of ...
    • A traffic engineering approach employing genetic algorithms over MPLS networks 

      Pendse, Ravi; Wanichworananat, N. (Wichita State University, 2003-09)
      In conventional IP networks, packets are routed along the shortest path based on a static link-cost metric. This shortest-path routing approach such as in RIP, EIGRP, and OSPF works well; however, under heavy loads, it can ...
    • A fuzzy block replacement algorithm for disk caches 

      Pendse, Ravi; Walterscheidt, U.; Kua, S.C. (IEEE, 1996-08-18)
      In this paper, we present a new block replacement algorithm for disk caches. Our Fuzzy Block Replacement Algorithm (fuzzy block-RA) utilizes nine fuzzy rules to pick out the block to be evicted when an I/O reference causes ...
    • Big bang, small bucks; effective use of low-cost CAD packages 

      Pendse, Ravi; Johnson, Everett L. (IEEE, 1996-11-06)
      At Wichita State University the authors have implemented an undergraduate three-course sequence in digital system design and computer architecture. Key to the success of these courses are two inexpensive yet very effective ...
    • Real-time speech signal analysis-synthesis of the Hoyer-Narris model using networked computers 

      Yip, A.W.; Pendse, Ravi; Hoyer, E.A. (IEEE, 1997-08-06)
      The Hoyer-Harris model (H2M) extracts the fundamental information of the speech signal to provide the knowledge for speech signal processing. Because of the complex algorithm, real-time analysis is not possible on a personal ...
    • A novel graphical technique for analysis of runtime cache behavior 

      Pendse, Ravi; Tambe, N.; Walterscheidt, U. (IEEE, 1997-08-06)
      A novel technique is introduced to graphically analyze the runtime behavior of block replacement algorithms used in cache controllers. The new method allows a behavioral comparison of two or more algorithms, previously ...
    • ABCs of processor design: Introductory computer architecture using the LIS-4 

      Johnson, Everett L.; Pendse, Ravi (ASEE, 1997-06)
      At Wichita State University a three course sequence in the Digital Design area is offered. First year students are encouraged to take the first course. By their third semester it is possible for a student to enroll in ...
    • Innovative design techniques in a freshman class 

      Pendse, Ravi; Johnson, Everett L. (ASEE, 1997-06)
      At Wichita State University, we have a three course sequence in the Digital Design area with the first course taken by incoming freshman students. This course entitled “Introduction to Digital Design” is a very popular ...
    • LRU-FP algorithm with dual threshold 

      Pendse, Ravi; Mendu, S. (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 1998-11)
    • Innovative pre-fetching techniques for CPU and disk caches 

      Pendse, Ravi; Bhagavathula, Ravi (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 1998-11)
    • Most distant used (MDU) block replacement algorithm and its derivatives 

      Pendse, Ravi; Safdar, A.Q.S. (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 1999-11)
    • Performance of LRU-FP block replacement algorithm with pre-fetching 

      Pendse, Ravi; Katta, H.; Rajmoni, R. (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 1999-11)
    • Hardware implementation of LRU algorithm 

      Pendse, Ravi; Bhagavathula, Ravi; Tupalli, S. (International Society for Computers and their Applications, 1999-11)
    • Object oriented router simulator 

      Bhagavathula, Ravi; Shende, M.; Pendse, Ravi (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 2001-08)
    • VOIP using fragmentation and interleaving over slow WAN links 

      Bhagavathula, Ravi; Hassan, Kafi; Ali, Firasath; Abbasi, Mehdi; Pendse, Ravi (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 2001-08)
    • Optimum Nrm values for ERICA and EFCI schemes in ATM networks 

      Bhagavathula, Ravi; Moosa, S.; Rajamoni, R.; Pendse, Ravi (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 2001-08)
    • Teaching with OPNET: WSU’s experiences 

      Bhagavathula, Ravi; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Sambaari, A.; Pendse, Ravi (OPNETWORK 2002, 2002-08)
      Wichita State University is been offering many courses in the field of networking. Apart from gaining knowledge about different networking concepts, students at WSU get a chance to design and configure a live network using ...