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    • An effective CUDA based simulation for lightning strike protection on nanocomposite materials 

      Asaduzzaman, Abu; Yip, Chok Meng; Kumar, Sachin S. A.; Asmatulu, Ramazan (IEEE, 2013)
      The lack of lightning strike protection (LSP) for the nanocomposite materials limits their use in many applications including aircrafts. As a result, there is a continuous interest in understanding the heterogeneous ...
    • Fast effective deterministic primality test using CUDA/GPGPU 

      Asaduzzaman, Abu; Maiti, Anindya; Yip, Chok Meng (Council for Innovative Research, 2015-01-04)
      There are great interests in understanding the manner by which the prime numbers are distributed throughout the integers. Prime numbers are being used in secret codes for more than 60 years now. Computer security authorities ...