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    • Energy-efficient data redistribution in sensor networks 

      Tang, Bin; Jaggi, Neeraj; Wu, Haijie; Kurkal, Rohini (ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY, 2013-06-24)
      We address the energy-efficient data redistribution problem in data-intensive sensor networks (DISNs). In a DISN, a large volume of data gets generated, which is first stored in the network and is later collected for further ...
    • Phase synchronization for distributed sensor networks in feedback bit errors 

      Wu, Haijie; Ding, Yanwu; Kwon, Hyuck M. (IEEE, 2010-06-25)
      It has been reported recently that phase synchronization in distributed sensor networks can be achieved by adjusting the phase in sensors randomly with a single bit feedback from the receiver (base station) to the sensors. ...