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    • Validation of the MPLS module in OPNET 

      Bhagavathula, Ravi; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Pendse, Ravi (OPNETWORK 2002, 2002-08)
      MPLS is an emerging technology that combines layer 2 switching performance with layer 3 scalability. MPLS assigns labels to packets for transportation across a packet-switched or a circuit-switched network. The forwarding ...
    • VISOB 2.0 - The second international competition on mobile ocular biometric recognition 

      Nguyen, Hoang Mark; Reddy, Narsi; Rattani, Ajita; Derakhshani, Reza R. (Springer, Cham, 2021-02-21)
      Following the success of VISOB 1.0 visible light ocular biometrics competition at IEEE ICIP 2016, we organized VISOB 2.0 competition at IEEE WCCI 2020. The aim of VISOB 2.0 competition was to evaluate and compare the ...
    • Voice over cable network 

      Bhagavathula, Ravi; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Ma, Xianghui; Pendse, Ravi (OPNETWORK 2002, 2002-08)
      Accessing Internet using Cable modem is one of the recent technological advancements in the field of networking. Cable network has widely deployed infrastructure and is most commonly used to distribute television programs. ...
    • Voice over IP security and law enforcement 

      Thanthry, Nagaraja; Pendse, Ravi; Namuduri, Kameswara (IEEE, 2005-10-11)
      Voice over IP is one of the fastest growing Internet based application in today's networking world. As more and more enterprises are moving towards IP based voice network, the payload security has become an important issue. ...
    • Voice over IP, security and quality of service can they co-exist? 

      Thanthry, Nagaraja; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE communication society, 2004-12)
      Voice over IP and Multi-Service over IP continue to gain popularity as applications and services are being developed to make them more robust. Due to the real time nature of these applications, appropriate quality of ...
    • Voice services and aviation data networks 

      Bhatia, Anuj; Shah, Anant; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2007-10-21)
      The presence of Internet connection within an aircraft brings out various possibilities. Apart from providing data services to the passengers, the available Internet connection could also be used for enhanced services like ...
    • Voice, multimedia services and aviation data networks 

      Bhatia, Anuj; Shah, Anant; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Pendse, Ravi (2006-10)
    • VOIP using fragmentation and interleaving over slow WAN links 

      Bhagavathula, Ravi; Hassan, Kafi; Ali, Firasath; Abbasi, Mehdi; Pendse, Ravi (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, 2001-08)
    • Wearable heading estimation for motion tracking in health care by adaptive fusion of visual-inertial measurements 

      Zhang, Yinlong; Liang, Wei; He, Hongsheng; Tan, Jindong (IEEE, 2018-11)
      The increasing demand for health informatics has become a far-reaching trend in the aging society. The utilization of wearable sensors enables monitoring senior people daily activities in free-living environments, conveniently ...
    • Why is multimedia quality of experience assessment a challenging problem? 

      Akhtar, Zahid; Siddique, Kamran; Rattani, Ajita; Lebai Lutfi, Syaheerah; Falk, Tiago H. (IEEE, 2019-08-21)
      Quality of experience (QoE) assessment occupies a key role in various multimedia networks and applications. Recently, large efforts have been devoted to devise objective QoE metrics that correlate with perceived subjective ...
    • Wind power prediction in different months of the year using machine learning techniques 

      Pun, Kesh; Basnet, Saurav M.S.; Jewell, Ward T. (IEEE, 2021-04-19)
      Integration of wind power into the grid has been rapidly increasing at both the transmission as well as distribution levels. Wind power generation is variable, nonlinear, and intermittent in nature. The monthly average and ...
    • Wireless software-defined networks (W-SDNs) and network function virtualization (NFV) for 5G cellular systems: an overview and qualitative evaluation 

      Akyildiz, Ian F.; Lin, Shih-Chun; Wang, Pu (Elsevier B.V., 2015-12-24)
      Cellular network technologies have evolved to support the ever-increasing wireless data traffic, which results from the rapidly-evolving Internet and widely-adopted cloud applications over wireless networks. However, ...
    • WLAN and ad-hoc network coexistence 

      Thanthry, Nagaraja; Ali, Muhammad Sabeeh; Bhagavathula, Ravi; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2004-09-26)
      Wireless communication is not only one of the fastest growing technologies; it is also one of the more important technologies in the field of networking. The phenomenal growth this technology has seen in recent years has ...
    • World wide web: classroom assistant 

      Pendse, Ravi; Butts, R. (1996-06)
    • Worst-case reliability modeling and evaluation in cyber-enabled power distribution systems 

      Chakraborty, Suvagata; Balachandran, Thanatheepan; Aravinthan, Visvakumar (IEEE, 2017)
      This paper presents a methodology to calculate the worst-case reliability of smart distribution system. Impact of communication infrastructure failure on the system reliability is investigated in both substation-centered ...
    • Zero-forcing precoder: a special constructive interference precoder for PSK signals 

      Ding, Yanwu; Pham, Khanh D. (IEEE, 2020-03-30)
      Recently, constructive interference precoders have been considered for downlink communication systems to utilize the multiuser interference constructively. Such precoders are normally obtained by solving constrained ...
    • The zoom FFT using complex modulation 

      Hoyer, E.A.; Stork, R. (IEEE, 1977-05-01)
      A recent paper by Yip discussed the zoom transform as derived from the defining equation of the FFT. This paper simplifies the concepts and removes some of the restrictions assumed by Yip; ie., the total number of points ...