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    • A nonlinear approach for integrated marketing-economic production quantity problem 

      Ghazi-Nezami, Farnaz; Yildirim, Mehmet Bayram (2010-12)
      Pricing is a key activity in determining any firm's profit in a supply chain due to the competitive nature of markets. Consequently, modeling the relation between marketing and manufacturing departments in a manufacturing ...
    • Active learning in supply chain management course 

      Ghazi-Nezami, Farnaz; Yildirim, Mehmet Bayram (2015-06)
      This paper presents an active learning approach implemented in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) course. In this course, the fundamentals of supply chain and logistics, drivers of supply chain performance and analytical ...
    • Sustainable single-machine scheduling problem with reliability and energy consumption 

      Ghazi-Nezami, Farnaz; Yildirim, Mehmet Bayram; Wang, Pingfeng (Curran Associates, Inc., 2011-12)
      In this paper, a multi-objective model is proposed to minimize energy consumption and total completion time, and to maximize reliability on a single machine. In this problem, jobs arrive over time, and their release dates ...