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    • Quine, Davidson, and the Naturalization of Metaethics 

      Feleppa, Robert (Wiley-Blackwell, 2001)
      Quine’s ethical views typify what might seem to be natural sympathies between empiricism and ethical noncognitivism. Like Ayer, he sees a case for noncognitivism rooted in an epistemic discontinuity between ethics and ...
    • Translation as Rule-Governed Behaviour 

      Feleppa, Robert (Sage publications, 1982)
      The problems of radical translation occupy a central place in a number of long-standing controversies in philosophy and anthropology. The philosophical difficulties here concern the accurate recovery of speaker meaning ...
    • Zen, Emotion, and Social Engagement 

      Feleppa, Robert (University of Hawai'i Press, 2009-07)
      Some common conceptions of Buddhist meditative practice emphasize the elimination of emotion and desire in the interest of attaining tranquility and spiritual perfection. But to place too strong an emphasis on this is to ...