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    • David L. Payne, the father of Oklahoma 

      Coyne, Marjorie A. (Wichita State University, 1930-05)
      Kansas has received a great deal of mention in the history of the United States with regard to its connection with the Civil War. This event has influenced the histories of the state, perhaps to too great a degree, and ...
    • James R. Mead, an early pioneer 

      Klepper, Madaleine G. (Wichita State University, 1930-05)
      This work is to tell of one of the pathfinders and pioneers who blased the path of civilization through the region called the "great American Desert" . Mr. James R. Mead was one of the outstanding leaders in the opening ...
    • The life of Carry Nation 

      Null, Hortense T. (Wichita State University, 1930-05)
      The activities of Carry Nation have had a peculiar significance in Kansas history and many myths have grown up around them. I have endeavored to give an accurate and unprejudiced account of her life and also to clear up ...
    • The Chisholm trail 

      Rossel, John (Wichita State University, 1931-05)
    • Doctor Fabrique and early Wichita medical practice 

      Brooks, Frances Wilson (Wichita State University, 1931-05)
      Dr. Andrew Hinsdale Fabrique was the medical pioneer, a man of strong character and remarkable achievement. The primary aim of this thesis has been to produce an accurate account of the life of Dr. Fabrique. But in the ...
    • History of St. Benedict's college 

      Moeder, Monica, Sister (Wichita State University, 1931-05)
    • The founding of Valley Center 

      Rapp, Genevieve May (Wichita State University, 1931-05)
      The purpose of writing this thesis was to set forth the events that led to the formation and chartering of the town, the experiences of the people who settled Valley Center , and the development of the town after it was chartered.
    • The Wichita real estate boom 

      Long, Earl V. M. (Wichita State University, 1931-05)
      In treating the Wichita real estate boom, I was particularly impressed with the fact that so many intelligent people were caught in that fever of speculation, who were ordinarily of calculating temperament . Many probably ...
    • Government relations with the Comanche Indians 

      Jacks, Hazel de Arah (Wichita State University, 1932-05)
      The relation of the Government with the Plains Indians is of special importance in the history of the Southwest. Historians have been prone to generalize on this problem, and very little has been done on definite tribal ...
    • The life of William Mathewson, "the original Buffalo Bill." 

      Crockett, Glenn (Wichita State University, 1932-05)
      This work is an effort to portray the events in the life of one of the pioneer settlers in Kansas, and as such must of necessity narrate the general conditions of pionear life, and particularly those pertaining to Wichita ...
    • The history of Butler county, Kansas 

      Perrine, Elizabeth (Wichita State University, 1932-05)
    • The early Negroes in Kansas 

      Smith, Leland G. (Wichita State University, 1932-05)
      The purpose of writing this thesis was to set forth the events that led to the early arrival and settlement of Negroes in Kansas to 1890; to give their experiences and to perpetuate the early history of the Kansas Negro ...
    • Father Weikmann, missionary of the Kansas frontier 

      Tallmadge, Sister Mary Raphaella (Wichita State University, 1932-05)
    • Pioneer history of Kingman 

      Lowe, Jessie H. (Wichita State University, 1933)
    • History of Elk County, Kansas 

      Neeland, Mary A. (Wichita State University, 1933-05)
      Kansas History as a record, including chronicles of the counties, has been very briefly treated. Elk County has received very little consideration in the affairs of the state, and, yet it has several outstanding facts ...
    • Corporation farming in Kansas 

      Miller, Emy K. (Wichita State University, 1933-05)
      Ever since early in the twentieth century, when Mark Carleton introduced the hard Russian Wheat to the Kansas plains farmer , Kansas has been increasing its wheat acreage. The growing of wheat is now one of the most ...
    • Charles F. Hyde, Colwich pioneer 

      Allen, Donald R. (Wichita State University, 1933-05)
      Living as he did the life of a leader among men, the influence of Charles Fletcher Hyde can not be estimated. That he was strong amidst the strength of the pioneer, that he led in the organization of all worthy activities, ...
    • The Little Arkansas Peace Treaty, 1865 

      Miller, George W. (Wichita State University, 1933-05)
      It has been said that history, like charity, begins at home. It is the hope of the author that this thesis will preserve a portion of local history for some future historian to enlarge upon. The relation of the government ...
    • The life of the Kansas pioneer women 

      Lambky, Florence (Wichita State University, 1933-05)
      The history or the west has received a new impetus as a result of the works of Frederick Jackson Turner , Walter Prescott Webb , Stuart Henry, and other historians. Pioneer women might be said to hold a subordinate ...
    • The history of education in Wichita to 1900 

      White, Nellie M. (Wichita State University, 1933-06)
      As the years pass by the past tends to become extinct so that precautions must be taken to preserve the evidences or to record that which has happened. This duty falls largely upon the historian. Thus far only brief and ...