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  • Poetic accomplishment of Langston Hughes 

    Andrews, James E. (Wichita State University, 1940-06)
  • The social protest novel of the twentieth century 

    Gossett, Lucille R. (Wichita State University, 1940-06)
  • George M. Hoover, Dodge City pioneer 

    Gribble, Gerald (Wichita State University, 1940-06)
  • The influence of Landor's Imaginary conversations on the development of Browning's dramatic monologues 

    Harris, Katharine L. (Wichita State University, 1939-05)
    The friendship of Walter Savage Landor and Robert Browning has been of considerable literary significance. Even though a wide difference in age existed--thirty-seven years-- they were attracted to each other. Greater ...
  • Catholic imagery in the poetry of Francis Thompson 

    Gorges, Sister Mary E. (Wichita State University, 1937-06)
    In this study an attempt will be made to explain allusions drawn from Catholic sources; to clarify the underlying thought implied in the imagery; furthermore, to illustrate the qualifying effect ot this imagery upon ...
  • William Greiffenstein and the founding of Wichita 

    McIssac, Robert H. (Wichita State University, 1937-06)
    In this account of the life of one of the pioneers and founders of Wichita, I have attempted to depict some of the characteristics which were necessary for the success of the pioneer fathers and some of the hardships and ...
  • The history of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Wichita, Kansas, 1888-1900 

    Lake, Sister M. Victoria (Wichita State University, 1937-06)
    This history of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Wichita tends quite simply to shape and preserve the principal events which marked the time from the organization of the Community in Abilene in 1888, to the establishment ...
  • An analysis of the literary importance of Gerard Manley Hopkins 

    Dicus, Mary V. (Wichita State University, 1937-06)
    It is only in recent years that the attention of students of literature has been directed to the merit s of the poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins, a poet who, paradoxical as it may seem, is rightly classified as the ...
  • Pioneer history of Medicine Lodge 

    Miller, Percy S. (Wichita State University, 1936-06)
  • The Wichita real estate boom 

    Long, Earl V. M. (Wichita State University, 1931-05)
    In treating the Wichita real estate boom, I was particularly impressed with the fact that so many intelligent people were caught in that fever of speculation, who were ordinarily of calculating temperament . Many probably ...
  • A history of the First Presbyterian church of Wichita, Kansas 

    Stone, Ruth S. (Wichita State University, 1935-07)
    The history of the First Presbyterian Church is of special interest to Wichita, not only from a standpoint of its contribution to the betterment of the social and religious work in the community, but from a historical ...
  • Kansas in American poetry, by Mildred Aldridge Turner 

    Turner, Mildred A. (Wichita State University, 1935-07)
    In this dissertation, Kansas in American Poetry, only poems which are written about Kansas have been considered. Some of them were written by native born Kansans, some by men and women who have adopted Kansas as their ...
  • The history of education in Wichita to 1900 

    White, Nellie M. (Wichita State University, 1933-06)
    As the years pass by the past tends to become extinct so that precautions must be taken to preserve the evidences or to record that which has happened. This duty falls largely upon the historian. Thus far only brief and ...
  • The success of Edwin Arlington Robinson's failures: A treatment of his poetry 

    Wentworth, Rosemary J. (Wichita State University, 1933-06)
    Several authors have treated Robinson’s failures as failures, but they have failed to show that behind every failure is a gleam of light; that these poor specimens of humanity have some sort of a place in the world. My ...
  • Rupert Brooke: A bibliographical study with annotations 

    Waugh, Maurice C. (Wichita State University, 1933-06)
  • Early immigration to Kansas 

    Fast, Ezra L. (Wichita State University, 1933-06)
  • The life of the Kansas pioneer women 

    Lambky, Florence (Wichita State University, 1933-05)
    The history or the west has received a new impetus as a result of the works of Frederick Jackson Turner , Walter Prescott Webb , Stuart Henry, and other historians. Pioneer women might be said to hold a subordinate ...
  • Pioneer history of Kingman 

    Lowe, Jessie H. (Wichita State University, 1933)
  • The Little Arkansas Peace Treaty, 1865 

    Miller, George W. (Wichita State University, 1933-05)
    It has been said that history, like charity, begins at home. It is the hope of the author that this thesis will preserve a portion of local history for some future historian to enlarge upon. The relation of the government ...
  • History of Elk County, Kansas 

    Neeland, Mary A. (Wichita State University, 1933-05)
    Kansas History as a record, including chronicles of the counties, has been very briefly treated. Elk County has received very little consideration in the affairs of the state, and, yet it has several outstanding facts ...

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