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    • Cache enhanced anonymity systems against probabilistic attacks 

      Lu, Huabo; Bagai, Rajiv (Springer, Cham, 2018-05-29)
      The technique of data caching is being increasingly recognized for its ability to increase the amount of anonymity provided by an anonymous communication network, and is expected to be widely adopted in the next generation ...
    • Cache isolation and thin provisioning of hypervisor caches 

      Suryanarayana, Vidya R.; Balasubramanya, Karthik Mylar; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2012-10)
      Server virtualization has enabled resource consolidation and has minimized the need for additional and expensive hardware. Server virtualization has been widely deployed in a lot of organizations, because of the attractive ...
    • Cache modeling and optimization for portable devices running MPEG-4 video decoder 

      Asaduzzaman, Abu; Mahgoub, Imad O. (Springer, 2006-01)
      There are increasing demands on portable communication devices to run multimedia applications. ISO (an International Organization for Standardization) standard MPEG-4 is an important and demanding multimedia application. ...
    • CALEA compliant secure voice over IP system 

      Goodrich, Christopher; Thanthry, Nagaraja; Pendse, Ravi (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2005-04-22)
    • Calea compliant secure voice over IP system 

      Thanthry, Nagaraja; Goodrich, Christopher; Pendse, Ravi (IEEE, 2006-10)
      Voice over IP is one of the fastest growing Internet based application in today's networking world. As more and more enterprises are moving towards IP based voice network, security has become an important issue. The type ...
    • Can cloud computing lead to increased sustainability of mobile devices? 

      Koshy, Kiran I.; Juby, Andrew M.; Namboodiri, Vinod; Overcash, Michael (IEEE, 2012-05)
      When it comes to looking at energy efficiency and the concept of sustainability in computing, the focus has invariably been on data centers and mobile infrastructures like cell towers, as these have been considered the ...
    • Capacity analysis and data concentration for smart grid communication networks at the power distribution level 

      Karimi, Babak (Wichita State University, 2014-12)
      The "smart grid" generally refers to a class of digital technology that allows for two-way communication between the electric power utility and its customers, as well as sensing along the transmission and distribution ...
    • Capacity analysis of aerial small cells 

      Pokkunuru, Akarsh; Zhang, Qin; Wang, Pu (IEEE, 2017)
      Providing high-speed communication for mobile users in remote geographic areas or after a disaster occurs is not only critical but also challenging. To counter such challenge, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been ...
    • Capacity of a modulo-sum arbitrary SISO relay network 

      Sagar, Youvaraj T.; Yang, Jie; Kwon, Hyuck M. (IEEE, 2012-05)
      This paper shows how to obtain the capacity of modular additive noise of an arbitrary single-input-single-output (SISO) relay network. The arbitrary SISO relay network is a network where the relays are interconnected with ...
    • Capacity of a modulo-sum simple relay network 

      Sagar, Youvaraj T. (Wichita State University, 2009-12)
      This thesis proposes the capacity of a modulo-sum simple relay network. In previous work related to relay channels, capacity was characterized in the case where noise was transmitted to the relay, and the closed-form ...
    • A cascade control for Sander automation system 

      Chen, Zheng; Naizer, Brent (IEEE, 2015)
      Hydraulic fracturing is one of the key technologies that are currently used for shale oil and gas production. Sander is the equipment that delivers various types of sand with desired sand rate demand and dumps the sand to ...
    • Cascading failure attacks in the power system: a stochastic game perspective 

      Liao, Weixian; Salinas Monroy, Sergio A.; Li, Mingyang; Li, Pan; Loparo, Kenneth A. (IEEE, 2017-12)
      Electric power systems are critical infrastructure and are vulnerable to contingencies including natural disasters, system errors, malicious attacks, etc. These contingencies can affect the world's economy and cause great ...
    • Case study of microgrid for electrification and its benefits in rural Nepal 

      Basnet, Saurav Man Singh; Aburub, Haneen Mohammad Dawoud; Jewell, Ward T.; Poudel, Amir (IEEE, 2015)
      This paper describes a microgrid for electrification of an isolated rural village in Nepal. Photovoltaic and various storage systems were modeled to find the optimal design. The economic and environmental impacts are also studied.
    • Centralized two-way AF MIMO multiple dispersed relay network 

      Lee, Kanghee; Yang, Jie; Kwon, Hyuck M.; Park, Hyuncheol; Lee, Yong H. (IEEE, 2015-05-12)
      This paper considers a two-way amplify-and-forward (AF) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) relay network consisting of two sources (each with multiple antennas) and multiple physically dispersed single-antenna relays. ...
    • Channel capacities of parallel and serial modulo-sum relay networks 

      Sagar, Youvaraj T.; Yang, Jie; Kwon, Hyuck M. (IEEE, 2011-07-31)
      This paper presents channel capacities of parallel and serial modulo-sum relay networks. A parallel relay network consists of one source, multiple relays in parallel, and one destination node. A serial relay network consists ...
    • Channel Modeling of MI Underwater Communication using Tri-directional Coil Antenna 

      Guo, Hongzhi; Sun, Zhi; Wang, Pu (IEEE, 2015)
      While underwater wireless communications have been investigated and implemented for decades, existing solutions still have difficulties in establishing reliable and low-delay wireless underwater links among small-size ...
    • Channel statistics-dependent frequency hopping 

      Hannon, Matthew (Wichita State University, 2015-12)
      This paper studies a channel statistics-dependent, novel, frequency-hopping (FH) pattern generation scheme. Most existing FH patterns are determined by two encryption keys: one for FH in the frequency domain, and the other ...
    • Cityguide: a seamless indoor-outdoor wayfinding system for people with vision impairments 

      Cheraghi, Seyed Ali; Namboodiri, Vinod; Arsal, Güler (IEEE, 2021-05-25)
      GPS accuracy is poor in indoor environments and around buildings. Thus, reading and following signs still remains the most common mechanism for providing and receiving wayfinding information in such spaces. This puts ...
    • Closed form of optimum cooperative distributed relay amplifying matrix 

      Lee, Kanghee; Yang, Jie; Kwon, Hyuck M.; Park, Hyuncheol; Lee, Yong H. (IEEE, 2014-05)
      This paper presents a closed form of an optimal cooperative amplify-and-forward (AF) relay amplifying matrix for a distributed relay network of M-source-M-destination pairs and N relays, called a cooperative distributed ...
    • Cluster-based energy-efficient MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks 

      Marrapu, Nikhil (Wichita State University, 2010-12)
      TheWireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) employs thousands of small sensors that communicate between themselves in a distributed manner using Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols. The energy required for wireless sensors is ...