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dc.contributor.authorDansky, Stephen
dc.contributor.authorCudmore, B. Andrew
dc.identifier.citationDansky, S., Cudmore, B. A. (2022). Marketing challenges for the next generation of nuclear power: Has deregulation eliminated the nuclear option? Proceedings of the 2022 IEMS Conference, 28, 88-100.
dc.identifier.issn2690-3210 (print)
dc.identifier.issn2690-3229 (online)
dc.descriptionPublished in SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services, November 2022. 2022 IEMS Officers: Gamal Weheba (Conference Chair); Hesham Mahgoub (Program Chair); Dalia Mahgoub (Technical Director); Ed Sawan (Publications Editor)
dc.description.abstractThe purchase of a nuclear plant relies on bank financing and lenders emphasize the quality of the nuclear plant's projected income stream to repay the financing. This is why all previous nuclear plant financings relied on the monopoly status of the purchaser with its legislatively anointed captive market to ensure an adequate income stream. Today, due to deregulation, electric utilities can't own regulated power plants in two-thirds of the country. In these states, electricity is generated and sold on a competitive basis by Independent Power Producers, end-use customers are free to choose their electric suppliers, and state regulators no longer ensure cost coverage of the nuclear-related risks. However, policymakers at last year's United Nations COP26 and other environmental forums touted nuclear power as a solution to climate change because it doesn't produce greenhouse gases. Missing is a discussion and analysis of the impact of this deregulation (and its loss of a guaranteed revenue stream) on the ability to obtain financing and, in turn, on the potential size of this market. Thus, deregulation may have eliminated nuclear power as an option to fight climate change. This presentation builds on earlier research by proposing an analysis of survey data regarding two post-deregulation risk factors (long-term price certainty and long-term output quantity certainty) versus the likelihood to obtain financing.
dc.format.extent13 pages
dc.publisherIndustry, Engineering & Conference Management Systems Conference
dc.relation.ispartofseriesProceedings of the 2022 IEMS Conference
dc.subjectCost-of-service regulation
dc.subjectEconomic efficiency
dc.subjectPower plant financing
dc.subjectNuclear power
dc.subjectPublic Policy
dc.titleMarketing challenges for the next generation of nuclear power: Has deregulation eliminated the nuclear option?
dc.typeConference paper
dc.rights.holderInternational Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems

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