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dc.contributor.authorMartin, Robroy L.
dc.contributor.authorCibulka, Michael T.
dc.contributor.authorBolgla, Lori A.
dc.contributor.authorKoc, Thomas A.
dc.contributor.authorLoudon, Janice K.
dc.contributor.authorManske, Robert C.
dc.contributor.authorWeiss, Leigh
dc.contributor.authorChristoforetti, John J.
dc.contributor.authorHeiderscheit, Bryan C.
dc.identifier.citationRobroy L. Martin, Michael T. Cibulka, Lori A. Bolgla, Thomas A. Koc, Jr., Janice K. Loudon, Robert C. Manske, Leigh Weiss, John J. Christoforetti, and Bryan C. Heiderscheit Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy 2022 52:3, CPG1-CPG44
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dc.description.abstractHamstring strain injury (HSI) may result in considerable impairment, activity limitation, and participation restriction, including time lost from competitive sports. This CPG includes sports-related overloading and overstretching injuries to myofascial or musculotendinous structures in any combination of the 3 hamstring muscles (the semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris).
dc.publisherJOSPT, Inc.
dc.relation.ispartofseriesJournal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVolume 52, No. 3
dc.subjectClinical practice guidelines
dc.subjectHamstring strain injury
dc.subjectReturn to sport
dc.titleHamstring strain injury in athletes
dc.rights.holder©2022 JOSPT

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