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dc.contributor.authorInternational Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems
dc.contributor.editorSawan, M. Edwin
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of the 2021 International IEMS Conference. Ed. M. Edwin Sawan. Cocoa Beach, Florida U.S.A. March 15-16, 2021
dc.identifier.issn2690-3210 (print)
dc.identifier.issn2690-3229 (online)
dc.descriptionPublished in SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services, May 2022.
dc.descriptionThe IEMS'21 conference committee: Wichita State University, College of Engineering (Sponsor); Gamal Weheba (Conference Chair); Hesham Mahgoub (Program Chair); Dalia Mahgoub (Technical Director); Ed Sawan (Publications Editor)
dc.description.abstractThis book features the proceedings of the 27th Annual International Conference on Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (IEMS'21) held March 15-16, 2021 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Proceedings includes 12 papers presented at the conference.
dc.description.sponsorshipSponsor: Wichita State University, College of Engineering
dc.description.tableofcontentsExploring the Applicability of Quality 4.0 in Higher Education Institutions / Bandar Alzahrani, Haitham Bahitham and Ahmad Elshennawy -- Real Time Employees Overtime Predictors Model / Shaun Stearns and Isaac K. Gang -- Using Six Sigma for Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Improvement / Eylem Asmatulu, Zaara Ali, Md Ahsan Habib and Muhammad M. Rahman -- Applying Lean in Aerospace Manufacturing for Waste Reduction / Md Ahsan Habib, Eylem Asmatulu and Muhammad Mustafizur Rahman -- The Use of Machine Learning for Electrical Component End-Of-Life Predictions / Ryan Rust and Ahmad Elshennawy -- Comparing the Regional and International Accreditation Programs of NCAAA and ABET for Underground Engineering Education Evaluation / Ibrahim M. Alarifi, Muhammad M. Rahman and Ramazan Asmatulu -- Theoretical Study on Instability of the Base Solutions of Lorenz System Via Ordinary Differential Equations / Sina Davani and Ramazan Asmatulu -- Real-Time Kinematics Directed Swarm Robotics for Construction 3D Printing / Darren Wang and Robert Zhu -- Lungstat: Improving Lung Cancer Diagnostic Accuracy Through Computer Vision / Kaustubh Sonawane and Aditya Rai -- A Brain Computer Interface System for the Improvement of Cognitive and Communication Abilities for Patients with Neuromuscular Disorders / Navya Ramakrishnan -- A Virtual STEM Outreach Program for Elementary and Middle School Students During COVID-19 / Anthony Shen -- A Multipurpose Robotic Glove Designed to Teach Sign Language Through Guided Manual Motions / Soham Joshi and Raaghav Malik
dc.format.extent99 pages
dc.publisherIndustry, Engineering & Conference Management Systems Conference
dc.relation.ispartofseriesProceedings of the 2021 IEMS Conference;v.27
dc.subjectAdditive Manufacturing
dc.subjectInnovation Management
dc.subjectAutomation, Modeling and Simulation
dc.subjectLeadership and Diversity
dc.subjectBusiness Analytics
dc.subjectLean Systems
dc.subjectComputer Applications
dc.subjectManagement of Technology
dc.subjectComplex Systems- Performance Assessment & Improvement
dc.subjectConstruction Management
dc.subjectNanomaterials & Nanoengineering
dc.subjectEducation Leadership
dc.subjectProduction & Operations Management
dc.subjectEducation & Training
dc.subjectProject Management
dc.subjectEngineering Innovations
dc.subjectQuality Planning & Process Improvement
dc.subjectHealthcare Systems
dc.subjectSupply Chain Management & Logistics
dc.subjectHuman Factors & Cognitive Engineering
dc.subjectSustainability & Industry 4.0
dc.titleProceedings of the 2021 International IEMS Conference, March 15-16, 2021
dc.title.alternativeInternational Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems 2021
dc.rights.holderCopyright The Association for Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems (AIEMS), 2022.

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