Editorial Board Members for 2009 GRASP Symposium


Mara Alagic , Graduate School Assistant Dean

Editorial Board

Anthony DiLollo, Dept. of Comm. Sci. and Disorders , College of Health Professions
Patricia Dooley, the Elliott School of Communication, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Kathy Downes, University Libraries
Annette Lezotte, School of Art & Design, College of Fine Arts
Ken Miller, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Sue Nyberg, Dept. of Physician Assistant, College of Health Professions
Jeremy Patterson, Dept. of Human Performance Studies, College of Education
Jodi Pelkowski, Dept. of Economics, School of Business
Jay Price, Dept. of History, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
T.S. Ravigururajan, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
Edwin Sawan, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Science Engineering, College of Engineering

Sponsors of 2009 GRASP Symposium

Graduate School
Office of Research Administration
University Libraries

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