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    • Learning task-oriented dexterous grasping from human knowledge 

      Li, Hui; Zhang, Yinlong; Li, Yanan; He, Hongsheng (IEEE, 2021-05-30)
      Industrial automation requires robot dexterity to automate many processes such as product assembling, packaging, and material handling. The existing robotic systems lack the capability to determining proper grasp strategies ...
    • Monocular visual-inertial and robotic-arm calibration in a unifying framework 

      Zhang, Yinlong; Liang, Wei; Yuan, Mingze; He, Hongsheng; Tan, Jindong; Pang, Zhibo (IEEE, 2021-10-20)
      Reliable and accurate calibration for camera, inertial measurement unit (IMU) and robot is a critical prerequisite for visual-inertial based robot pose estimation and surrounding environment perception. However, traditional ...