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    • Investigating fairness of ocular biometrics among young, middle-aged, and older adults 

      Krishnan, Anoop; Almadan, Ali; Rattani, Ajita (IEEE, 2021-10-11)
      A number of studies suggest bias of the face biometrics, i.e., face recognition and soft-biometric estimation methods, across gender, race, and age-groups. There is a recent urge to investigate the bias of different biometric ...
    • Is Facial Recognition Biased at Near-Infrared Spectrum as Well? 

      Krishnan, Anoop; Neas, Brian; Rattani, Ajita (IEEE, 2022-11-15)
      Published academic research and media articles suggest face recognition is biased across demographics. Specifically, unequal performance is obtained for women, dark-skinned people, and older adults. However, these published ...