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    • Secure reboots for real-time cyber-physical systems 

      Banerjee, Vijay; Hounsinou, Sena; Olufowobi, Habeeb; Hasan, Monowar; Bloom, Gedare (Association for Computing Machinery, 2022-11-07)
      Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) such as industrial control systems, automobiles, and medical devices often consist of applications with real-time properties. Due to the safety-critical nature of the application domain, multiple ...
    • Work-in-Progress: Enabling secure boot for real-time restart-based cyber-physical systems 

      Hounsinou, Sena; Banerjee, Vijay; Peng, Chunhao; Hasan, Monowar; Bloom, Gedare (IEEE, 2021-12-07)
      Several cyber-physical systems use real-time restartbased embedded systems with the Simplex architecture to provide safety guarantees against system faults. Some approaches have been developed to protect such systems from ...