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dc.identifier.citationLambda Alpha Journal, v.37, p.99-108en
dc.descriptionThe Problems of Ritual on Film / Troy Belford -- Morphology and Sexual Dimorphism in the Humerus at the Footprint Site / Kristen Bernard and Peer H. Moore-Jansen -- Troubleshooting a Field Project / India Black -- A Preliminary Quantification of the Adage "Heads Roll Downhill!" / Gretchen R. Dabbs -- An Analysis of Ogallala Aquifer Depletion Using the Stress Model / Jerry Elmore -- The Evolution of Altruistic Behavior / Cori Gale -- Holding All the Cards? The Hand Wetland Archaeology Holds / Matthew Harms -- "Keeping Pure Hearts" : Identity, Reminiscence, and Resistance / Sandi Kana Harvey -- Cranial Thickness in the Footprint Site / Julie Holt -- Being Guided by Fragments: A Study of the Potential Use of Vertebral Remains for the Estimation of Sex at the Footprint Site / Shannon Kraus, Jason Kirk, and Peer H. Moore-Jansen -- The Role of Copulatory Behavior within the Social Structure in Bachelor Groups of Captive Western Lowland Gorillas / Jan E. Mead-Moehring and Peer H. Moore-Jansen -- GIS in Archaeology / Ingrid Mendoza -- Contributions to the Study of the Number of Individuals at the Footprint site and their Age Distributions Using Observations of Dental Remains / David I Mixer and Kristen Bernard -- Estimating Sex From the Hands and Feet / Evan Muzzall -- Assessing Sex from the Human Femur / Angie Rabe -- Running to Stand Still: Addressing Ongoing Curation Issues in a NAGPRA World, as Illustrated in the Footprint Site (41PT25) Osteological Collection / Carol A. Shallue and Joy H. Vetter -- Good Breeding: An Example of the Development and Transformations of Eugenic Theory and Application Over the Last One Hundred and Forty-Two Years / Mark Shirley -- Biocultural Study of Human Remains from Southwestern Colorado / Tandi Smith -- Sacra Among the Footprint Site / Joy Vetter and Peer H. Moore-Jansen -- A Closer Look at Gout / Kristina Wyatt.en
dc.format.extent70747 bytes
dc.publisherWichita State University. Department of Anthropologyen
dc.subjectBiological antrhopologyen
dc.subjectAnthropological filmsen
dc.title9th Annual Lambda Alpha Symposium, Wichita, KS Abstractsen

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