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dc.identifier.citationThe Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.21, no.19. Wichita, Kansas, February 4, 1927. - 8 pages
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dc.descriptionArticle(s): Parnassus has novel plans for beauty contest: Societies receive commission for sale of books; Nominate candidates to be judged by beauty experts -- Select members of men's rifle team: Fifteen men to be chosen from present squad for coming meets -- Army will fall in at gym tonight for epoch making frolic -- Men's debate will open February 18: Four experienced debaters make up men's team - meet Bethel -- Student Council elections coming -- Tentative plans announced for a point system: Criticism before adoption of system is asked from student body -- Fine Arts School to present opera: First of a series of recitals to be presented next Sunday under direction of Otis L. Fischer -- Enrollment in University shows little increase: Figures not complete but final number expected to be practically same as last semester -- Fairmount alumnus saves man's life: Major Braught rescues superior officer from burning building -- West Point exams will be held soon: Military academy candidates must be appointed by congressman -- Sketches and skits -- Awards announced by Military Dept.: Awards will go to company, rifle team and cadet -- Girls gym classes adopt sports plan -- Probable date for Prom is Feb. 18 -- Sorosis -- Catlin-McDonald -- Early-Pickel -- Bartlebaugh-Van Arsdale -- Give a dinner for Board of Regents -- University Women have tea for girls -- Students speak at Endeavor Sunday -- Webster -- Pi Kappa Psi -- Honorary Colonel to entertain today: Uniforms compulsory to active members of unit, music by Black Hawks -- Pi Alpha Pi -- Old Mother Goose gets modernized -- Do girls want "closed doors" or "open doors" policy? -- Minus red tape -- Electric lights to be added to campus: Six arc lights to be placed on campus; Other improvements planned -- Seniors to be given awards this year: Honors which were given by Fairmount continued in new University -- Letter written by John Brown prior to his hanging is discovered in box of relics which belonged to Theodore Morrison, former librarian -- Classes will print editions of paper: Women of University will also edit issue of Sunflower soon -- Men debaters act as critic judges -- A.A.U.W. offers prize to junior -- An ode to a dollar bill -- Shockers lose to Pittsburg team: The Wichita University Shockers were unable to meet the pace set by the Pittsburg normals without their captain -- To compete with Mr. Umnus and Co. -- Form boxing and wrestling classes: New classes organized to train men for coming meets with other schools -- Soccer squad chosen from best players -- Wichita Shockers defeat Bethel Five: David, Reynolds, McBurney, the fast offensive trio of the Shockers basketball team, showed too much power for the Bethel boys -- History of traditions: The Honor Five -- Freshmen team wins tournament: First year girls captained by Ruth Roberts won soccer championship for 1926 -- Student poetry -- Thumbnail review of first semester work shows good work done -- Arabella elucidates -- Curt college comments -- Co-educational clatter / Hal E. Tosis
dc.publisherUniversity of Wichita
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe Sunflower
dc.relation.ispartofseriesv.21 no.19
dc.subjectCollege newspapers and periodicals
dc.subjectWichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers
dc.subjectStudent publications
dc.subjectWichita State University -- History
dc.subjectElectric lights
dc.subjectSocieties -- Preference system
dc.titleThe Sunflower, 1926-1927, no.19, February 4, 1927
dc.typeArchival material
dc.rights.holderWichita State University
dc.formatpdf., 8 pages
dc.coverage.spatialWichita, Kansas

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