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dc.contributor.authorChen, Yifu
dc.contributor.authorLiu, Hengzhou
dc.contributor.authorHa, Nguon
dc.contributor.authorLicht, Stuart L.
dc.contributor.authorGu, Shuang
dc.contributor.authorLi, Wenzhen
dc.identifier.citationCite this article Chen, Y., Liu, H., Ha, N. et al. Revealing nitrogen-containing species in commercial catalysts used for ammonia electrosynthesis. Nat Catal (2020)en_US
dc.descriptionClick on the URI link to access the article (may not be free).en_US
dc.description.abstractStimulated by the growing demand for sustainable and/or economical distributed ammonia synthesis, the electrochemical nitrogen reduction reaction has attracted considerable interest. The nitrogen-containing impurities in commercial metal-based nitrogen reduction reaction catalysts such as metal oxides and metallic irons have, however, been overlooked. Herein we report the presence of nitrogen-containing species in NOx− or nitrides at substantial levels revealed from many commercial catalysts. We call attention to the necessity to screen the NOx−/nitrides impurities in commercial catalysts, as the nitrogen impurities are not commonly listed in vendors’ assay documents. A simple two-step procedure (alkaline/acidic treatment followed by HPLC/UV–vis analysis) is recommended as a reliable protocol for screening NOx−/nitrides impurities in catalyst materials. A case analysis is also carried out on the previously reported H2O–NaOH–KOH system with both 15N-isotopic labelling and nitrogen elemental tracking, reassigning the true nitrogen source of the electrochemically produced NH3 from gaseous N2 to nitrogen-containing impurities in catalysts. [Figure not available: see fulltext.]en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipARPA-E agency through REFUEL program (grant no. DE-AR0000812) and by Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA, grant no. AWD-019199).en_US
dc.publisherNature Researchen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesNature Catalysis;2020
dc.subjectNitrogen oxidesen_US
dc.subjectPotassium hydroxideen_US
dc.subjectSodium hydroxideen_US
dc.titleRevealing nitrogen-containing species in commercial catalysts used for ammonia electrosynthesisen_US
dc.rights.holder© 2020, The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Nature Limiteden_US

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