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dc.identifier.citationThe Sunflower: Our 74th year of editorial freedom, v.74 no.37. Wichita, Kansas, March 6, 1970. - 12 pages
dc.descriptionImages in this collection were made from commercially produced and digitized microfilm, may be of poor quality, and will be gradually replaced by copies digitized by Special Collections from original paper copies. Source material held by University Libraries Special Collections and University Archives; processed by the University Libraries Technical Services. Please contact Special Collections at for help with low quality images.
dc.descriptionArticle(s): House tax committee hears student senator / Linda Hoddy -- SGA puts lid on organization allocations / Mike Bates -- Editors sponsoring relay queen entry -- Lefthanded student union protests righthanded world -- WSU's enrollment hits record high -- Sharing American democracy -- Trust and freedom / Ron Grotty -- CAC services cost half million per year / Winona Tucker -- Man's potentials categorized / Vickie McKissick -- Princess will present pro freedom talk -- Civil rights group to get office -- Committee calling for more student gripes -- Research project aids disadvantaged tots / Don Blythe -- WSU freshman wins trip to Israel -- Kansas draft quota lower -- Forecast gloomy for Saturday eclipse -- Society news: Greek week underway -- Last in series: Lorimer 'brilliant' in concert / Steve Sherman -- Last game of season: Shockers lose thriller to N. Texas State 84-79 / Dan Matthews -- Speaking of sports / Tony Jimenez -- Shockettes: new term for a new team / Phil Lepak
dc.descriptionPhotograph(s): Bummer!: Shockers lose their final game of the season to North Texas State 84-79, at Henry Levitt arena Thursday night. p. 1 -- Spring action: MOBE chairman Mike Nossman emphasizes a point during the Kansas Mobilization Committee's meeting Wednesday night. The meeting, which few attended, was called to discuss spring anti-war action here. p. 4 -- Play time: A play teapot and a set of wooden blocks prove entertaining for this child at Pine Valley Child Care center in Wichita. The center is being used as a project for studying the nature of learning in disadvantaged children. p. 5 -- Karen Myers. p. 5 -- Getting ready: Norman Williams (13) and Ephriam McDaniel (55) defend against Ron Harris who looks for a shot. N. Texas defeated the Shocks 84-79 last night at Henry Levitt arena. p. 11 -- Jump ball: Members of the "Shockettes” try for a jump-ball in Wednesday’s game against Washburn College. The WSU team is in plain Jerseys. p. 12
dc.publisherWichita State University
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe Sunflower
dc.relation.ispartofseriesv.74 no.37
dc.subjectCollege newspapers and periodicals
dc.subjectWichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers
dc.subjectStudent publications
dc.subjectWichita State University -- History
dc.titleThe Sunflower, v.74, no.37 (March 6, 1970)
dc.typeArchival material
dc.rights.holderWichita State University
dc.formatpdf., 12 pages
dc.coverage.spatialWichita, Kansas

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