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dc.identifier.citationThe Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.70 no.64. Wichita, Kansas, April 1, 1966. - 12 pages
dc.descriptionImages in this collection were made from commercially produced and digitized microfilm, may be of poor quality, and will be gradually replaced by copies digitized by Special Collections from original paper copies. Source material held by University Libraries Special Collections and Archives; processed by the University Libraries Technical Services. Please contact Special Collections at directly for help with low quality images.
dc.descriptionArticle(s): Court postpones SGA election: Constitution primary concern of justices / Don Awtrey -- SGA completes new constitution proposes possible credit in CCUN / Judy Fairhurst -- Young Republicans slate Robert Carroll -- Better Business Bureau raps bait advertising -- Salt has many uses in Turkey, commodity, religioius symbol -- Isaacson show at art museum -- 'I am here' set to open tonight in Pit -- Spaghetti dinner, Easter egg hunt tops list for weekend -- Over $700 collected for institute, Don Preston named 'Ugly Man' -- Time to decide -- Obscenity: What is it? -- U.S. News and World Report, answers questions on GI Bill -- [The Cornflower April Fools Day issue -- Cornflower hits stands: 6 killed, 40 injured -- 10,000 seen at SGA polls -- City commissioner says 'stop stop' to 'go go' -- LSD discovered in chemistry stock room -- Cornflower staff interviews famous playwrite [sic] / Joy-Lun Updike -- Campaign underway to celebrate IRA -- Cornflower's Brenda Bar finds Batman and Robin not perfect -- Terrytown Smokers chicken after all -- Athletic dept. to give tickets to every student next year -- High official recognizes Red China -- Department's race ends in stalemate -- Roaches in cafeteria jam] -- Crying time again: Julie Andrews could win again, Academy Awards to be given -- Leather is considered big fashion of today -- Programmer exams set -- 26th Naftzger auditions to be held at Friends -- Wichita Museum is presenting unusual exhibition -- Decorative arts being exibited -- Artifacts found by anthro club -- AFROTC commandant awarded highest trophy -- Sally Bishop 1st in Kansas series -- Nation buys most French eye frames -- Kappa Sigs defeat Phi Delta Thetas -- Shocks' openers begins by winning against Sterling -- WSU to host all-stars
dc.descriptionPhotograph(s): Important issues considered: SGA Congress members pondered many important issues during the regular meeting held Tuesday night. Sharon Bailey, President Keith Thompson, Vice-President John Morton and Harold Lacy listen intently to the list of revisions which were approved by the Congress to be voted on during the regular upcoming elections. p. 1 -- Court reschedules SGA elections: Because of the lack of time for WSU students to evaluate the candidates ad the proposed constitution revisions, Student Court Thursday made a decision moving the election dates to April 14 and 15. Above, Court members Harold Ruhl, Bill Rapps, Dwight Keen, Dr, Kenneth Gleason and Curtis Terflinger decide the issue. p. 1 -- Robert Carroll. p. 2 -- [Photographs from The Cornflower -- ECCH: Corn hath sprung forth from the roots of The Sunflower: "So, that's new?" ask these urbane WSU students in the CAC as they take in stride the appearance of purely poly-unsaturated CORN growing forth from the center of The Sunflower. However, some students liked the insert, saying that it was like a "beacon of wisdom" among many dark issues. p. 5 -- Oath of purity: City Commissioner Wynn D. Bagg swears in a new go-go girl. New code was adopted from 1947 Junior Woodchuck Oath of Purity. p. 5 -- CAC completes rebuilding program: Ah, yes! A paragon of architectural beauty is the new addition to the Campus Activities Center. Benefiting the students will be such wonders as hot and cold running water, Old Maid card games, supervised by bonded old maids, and candy cigarette machines for students who want only to fool their friends and to frighten the regents. p. 5 -- To fight that board, Fred, you've got to grab that straight razor hard, like this, see? p. 6 -- 'Batman! You just said a no-no!' p. 7] -- Kelly Pete. p. 12
dc.description"See April Fool Edition"
dc.publisherWichita State University
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe Sunflower
dc.relation.ispartofseriesv.70 no.64
dc.subjectCollege newspapers and periodicals
dc.subjectWichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers
dc.subjectStudent publications
dc.subjectWichita State University -- History
dc.titleThe Sunflower, v.70, no.64 (April 1, 1966)
dc.typeArchival material
dc.rights.holderWichita State University
dc.formatpdf., 12 pages
dc.coverage.spatialWichita, Kansas

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