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dc.identifier.citationThe Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.80 no. 12. Wichita, Kansas, September 22, 1975. - 8 pages.
dc.descriptionImages in this collection were made from commercially produced and digitized microfilm, may be of poor quality, and will be gradually replaced by copies digitized by Special Collections from original paper copies. Source material held by University Libraries Special Collections and University Archives; processed by the University Libraries Technical Services. Please contact Special Collections at directly for help with low quality images.
dc.descriptionArticle(s): Enrollment climbs; building booms / Kelly Humphries -- Election invalidated, frosh to vote again -- Winfield: Campground jams soar / Hannelore Borchers -- Womens [sic] rights veteran to speak -- Garden City debate opens season -- Student consumer relations board to be established by Student Senate -- Quirk in Title IX -- Cut the other half -- Just off 17th Street / Marsh Galloway -- Journalism major wins first photo contest -- Glittering Pointer Sisters tell a real rags to riches story / Diane Dougherty -- Winfield: A new mecca for balladeers and music lovers -- Tempers flare as Shockers stymied / Mike Shalin
dc.descriptionPhotograph(s): Jim French. p. 1 -- Uncaptioned photos of Winfield festival attendees. / photos by Brian Corn. p. 6 -- Jim French. / photo by Brian Corn. p. 6 -- Trainer Larry Egge (right) and assistant Al Green help injured center Mike Bales off the field. Bales was lost for the season because of torn knee ligaments. / photo by Howard Rappaport. p. 7 -- KSU kicker Bill Sinovic sends his 24-yard field goal on its way despite efforts of Shocker Clem Jankowski (85). / photo by Howard Rappaport. p. 7 -- Wildcat riot back Mike Harris slips out of grasp of Shocker Bob Larsen, for a short gain. / photo by Howard Rappaport. p. 7
dc.publisherWichita State University
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe Sunflower
dc.relation.ispartofseriesv.80 no.12
dc.subjectCollege newspapers and periodicals
dc.subjectWichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers
dc.subjectStudent publications
dc.subjectWichita State University -- History
dc.subjectPlatt, George M. (George Mattox), 1926-2010
dc.subjectWichita State University -- Planning and development
dc.titleThe Sunflower, v.80, no.12 (September 22, 1975)
dc.typeArchival material
dc.rights.holderWichita State University
dc.formatpdf., 8 pages
dc.coverage.spatialWichita, Kansas

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