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dc.identifier.citationThe Sunflower, v.74 no.2. Wichita, Kansas, September 19, 1969. - 12 pages.
dc.descriptionImages in this collection were made from commercially produced and digitized microfilm, may be of poor quality, and will be gradually replaced by copies digitized by Special Collections from original paper copies. Source material held by University Libraries Special Collections and University Archives; processed by the University Libraries Technical Services. Please contact Special Collections at for help with low quality images.
dc.descriptionArticle(s): New comrads [sic] sought by leftist radicals -- Custodian succeed in efforts to tell of working conditions / Dan Bradford -- Free U gets 297 students into courses -- Creditor, or no credit now students' choice -- New Newman Club chaplain getting first experience -- Veterans charge discrimination, picket employment service / Sue Pearce -- President requests new Health College / Kevin Cook -- lnternational Student Club conducts tour -- 'Death of Neil Cream ’ set for Experimental Theatre -- Student senators should live up to responsibilities or be removed -- Shinjuku features anti-war sing-ins -- Movie review: 'Natalie' not so ugly / Ruth Durch -- January target set for kickoff of ETV -- Big anti-war festival set for Sept. 27 -- Continuing Ed still growing -- S-VOLT now tutoring children of poverty at 14 city schools / Kevin Cook -- Schultz knocked for issuing subpoena to KU authorities -- WSU bond fraternity ranks among 10 best -- Two Wichita businessmen new trustees -- WSU now has full control of Crestview -- 'Umbrella' personnel aid young runaways / Kevin Cook -- Psychology journal sale next week -- Classic guitar series booked for campus -- Being Miss America contestant less glamorous than appears / Vickie McKissick -- New Department of Religion enrolls over 700 students -- Shocker socialights: Greek activities highlight first week -- Nice girls got home early says 1909 WSU graduate / Ruth Abbott -- Short, peaceful night at first SGA meeting -- Shocks seek second victory against pass-minded Seminoles / Tony Jiminez -- Cross country team to vie in triangular -- Shocker Keglers open campaign today at O-State -- New quarterbacks gain 'gold fever' / Glenn Meltzer -- Speaking of sports / Tony Jiminez -- Butler County Juco to be first grid opponent for junior Shocks -- Undergraduate women needed for P.E. program
dc.descriptionPhotograph(s): Death is near: Neil Cream, right, portrayed by Dave Henry, reacts to a doctor's account of death in 'The Death of Neil Cream,' which began Thursday in the Pit Theatre. p. 1 -- Bone head: Carlos Rodriguez, left, introduces his friend of bone to Candy Brown at the Anthropology Club's Activities Fair Booth. p. 1 -- Father [John L.] Dinan. p. 2 -- Veterans protest: From left to right, Joe Ross, James O'Connell, Charles Johnson and Harold Shine picket the State Employment Office/ p. 3 -- Band frat honored: Kit Craig, president of Beta Tau chapter of Kappa Kappa PSi exhibits recent awards. p. 7 -- Runaway home: The Ecstatic Umbrella, a home and counseling center for young runaways, is seeking professionals to aid the staff. p. 8 -- Kansas pride: Margo Schroeder, Miss Kansas, 1970 hails from WSU. p. 9 -- [Bert] Katzenmeryer. p. 12 -- Top signal callers, coach: Two quarterbacks expected to battle for the starting position on this year's freshman squad are Ed Plopa (left) and Ron Friedman. They are shown with new freshman Coach Bob Tucker. p. 12
dc.publisherWichita State University
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe Sunflower
dc.relation.ispartofseriesv.74 no.2
dc.subjectCollege newspapers and periodicals
dc.subjectWichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers
dc.subjectStudent publications
dc.subjectWichita State University -- History
dc.subjectKatzenmeyer, Albert (Bert)
dc.subjectThe Exponent
dc.subjectFairmount College
dc.subjectGolf course
dc.subjectCollege of Health Related Sciences
dc.subjectKappa Kappa Psi
dc.subjectPhysical Plant
dc.subjectDepartment of Religion
dc.subjectWichita State University Board of Trustees
dc.titleThe Sunflower, v.74, no.02 (September 19, 1969)
dc.typeArchival material
dc.rights.holderWichita State University
dc.formatpdf., 12 pages
dc.coverage.spatialWichita, Kansas

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