Recent Submissions

  • Factors of subordinate-superordinate interaction 

    Sweney, Arthur B.; Fiechtner, Leslie A. (Wichita State University, Dept. of Psychology, 1976)
    Two hundred-four crew members and sixty-nine crew commanders of a Titan II Missile Wing completed a battery of instruments measuring superordinate subordinate role preferences, pressure, and perceptions. After matching ...
  • Multivariate methodolology for N = 1 

    Lawlis, G. Frank (Wichita State University, Dept. of Psychology, 1976)
    A multivariate design for N = 1 studies was presented for those areas of limited subjects or social psychological designs. The design called for a determination of expected outcomes to be used for baselines, and general ...
  • Personality similarity in spouses related to marriage roles 

    Barton, Keith (Wichita State University, Dept. of Psychology, 1976)
    From an original sample of 93 married couples 71 couples were selected according to criteria which determined how similar they were to their spouses on several personality variables. Specifically 3 groups of people were ...
  • A check on the second-order factor structure of the high school personality questionnaire 

    Klein, Thomas W. (Wichita State University, Dept. of Psychology, 1976)
    A second order factor analysis of the HSPQ, using the promax method followed by blind had rotation to simple structure, was conducted. The results obtained for both males and females replicate well six factors previously reported.
  • Alignment of personality source trait factors from questionnaire and observer ratings: The theory of instrument-free patterns 

    Cattell, Raymond B. (Raymond Bernard), 1905-1998; Pierson, George R.; Finkbeiner, Carl (Wichita State University, Dept. of Psychology, 1976)
    Testing the hypothesis of "indifference of indicator," i.e., that instrument-free source traits exist as factors when different media are jointly factored, the investigators scored young adults on 32 observer-rating and ...