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    • A cross cultural check of the personality structure of the 16PF 

      Zak, Itai (Wichita State University, Department. of Psychology, 1976)
      The contention that transferability of a scale across cultures is best achieved when the scale has low homogeneity was tested using Cattell's 16PF personality questionnaire. The 16PF was administered to a random sample of ...
    • Constancy and variability of the HSPQ across two Israeli cultures 

      Zak, Itai (Wichita State University, Department of Psychology, 1979)
      The study aimed at investigating the content and pattern of second-order personality factors of the HSPQ across cultures and sex groups in Israel, and the similarity of the obtained pattern to the American normative group. ...
    • On the multidimensional structure of personality: An improved definition 

      Zak, Itai (Wichita State University, Department of Psychology, 1982)
      A mapping sentence is provided for defining the universe of observations of personality. Data on the 16PF questionnaire, derived from American and Israeli student samples on data on a combined administration of the 16PF, ...