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    • Design of bio-exoskeleton for elbow rehabilitation 

      Delgado, Pablo; Don, Thisath Attampola Arachchige; Gomez, Jesus; Miranda, Virgil; Yihun, Yimesker S. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2020-05-11)
      In this study, a methodology for designing a task-based exoskeleton which can recreate the end-effector trajectory of a given limb during a rehablitation task/movement is presented. The exoskeleton provides an option to ...
    • Integration of EMG-based learning and sliding mode control for an exoskeleton assist-as-needed support system 

      Delgado, Pablo; Gonzalez, Nathan; Yihun, Yimesker S. (ASME, 2022-08-14)
      In this study, an electromyography (EMG) signal-based learning is integrated with a Sliding-Mode Control (SMC) law for an effective human-exoskeleton synergy. A modified Recursive Newton-Euler Algorithm (RNEA) with SMC was ...