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    • Chapter 5 -- Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride) in Dielectric Nanocomposites 

      Li, Bin; Zhong, Wei-Hong (Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd., 2017)
      The commercial plastic dielectric films today are dominated by those made of polypropylene and polyester because of their high electrical breakdown strength, low dielectric loss, self-healing ability, low cost, etc. However, ...
    • Chapter 7 -- Dielectric Properties of Bionanocomposites 

      Gong, Guan; Li, Bin (Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd., 2017)
      Bionanocomposites represent an emerging group of nanostructured hybrid materials. Besides the structural and functional properties similar to conventional nanocomposites, the inherent properties, namely, biocompatibility ...
    • FARO tests corium-melt cooling in water pool: roles of melt superheat and sintering in sediment 

      Hwang, Gisuk; Kaviany, Massoud; Moriyama, Kiyofumi; Park, Hyun Sun; Hwang, Byoungcheol; Lee, Mooneon; Kim, Eunho; Park, Jin Ho; Nasersharifi, Yahya (Elsevier B.V., 2016-08-15)
      The FARO tests have aimed at understanding an important severe accident mitigation action in a light water reactor when the accident progresses from the reactor pressure vessel boundary. These tests have aimed to measure ...