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    • Current progress of 4D-printing technology 

      Subeshan, Balakrishnan; Baddam, Yeshaswini; Asmatulu, Eylem (Springer Nature, 2021-04-14)
      The combination of smart materials to print a three-dimensional (3D) product has primarily driven the development of innovative technology, or four-dimensional (4D) printing. 3D-printing technology seems to have provided ...
    • Process mapping of additively-manufactured metallic wicks through surrogate modeling 

      Borumand, Mohammad; Borujeni, Sima E.; Nannapaneni, Saideep; Ausherman, Moriah; Madiraddy, Guru; Sealy, Michael; Hwang, Gisuk (ASME, 2022-01-25)
      Tailored wick structures are essential to develop efficient two-phase thermal management systems in various engineering applications, however, manufacturing a geometrically-complex wick is challenging using conventional ...
    • Reverse engineering of aerospace components utilizing additive manufacturing technology 

      Subeshan, Balakrishnan; Abdulaziz, Abdulaziz; Khan, Zeeshan; Uddin, M. Nizam; Rahman, Muhammad M.; Asmatulu, Eylem (Springer, 2022-01-01)
      Using conventional manufacturing methods for product development typically involves a relatively long lead time and cost, especially for obsolete, worn-out, or broken parts. Reverse engineering is a preferred solution for ...