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    • Gene delivery with PCL nanofiber in vitro 

      Ceylan, Muhammet; Jiang, Jianhao (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2013-05-08)
      Gene therapy has widely been known to be the promising treatment approach for many diseases, whether acquired or inherited through a genetic disorder. Viral and nonviral vectors are the primary research fields of gene ...
    • Il-21 vector-tethering nanofibers for cancer treatment including osteosarcoma 

      Gong, Xuan; Jiang, Jianhao; Ceylan, Muhammet; Dart, Bradley; Asmatulu, Ramazan; Yang, Shang-You (Society for Biomaterials, 2019-05)
      The first line of treatment regime for bone cancers including osteosarcoma is surgical removal of the primary tumor, scaffold and/or bone fillers are required to fill the bone void during the surgery. Development and ...
    • Synthesis and evaluation of electrospun PCL-plasmid DNA nanofibers for post cancer treatments 

      Ceylan, Muhammet; Asmatulu, Ramazan; Jiang, Jianhao; Usta, Aybala; Jia, Tanghong; Yao, Li; Yang, Shang-you (Elsevier, 2022-08-12)
      Poly-?-caprolactone (PCL) incorporated with plasmid DNA was electrospun, and the resultant nanofibers were used to observe DNA release from the nanofibers. The plasmid DNA enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) with ...