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    • Fatigue behavior of plasma spray coatings on polymer matrix composite materials 

      Haqu, Ziaul (Wichita State University, 2008-12)
      The majority of coated structural components are subjected to fluctuating internal and/or applied stress because of oscillating mechanical loads. The fatigue behavior of coatings and the overall cyclic failure response of ...
    • Fatigue characterization of plasma spray coated composites 

      Haqu, Ziaul; Ahmed, Ikramuddin; Talia, Jorge E.; Asmatulu, Ramazan (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2012)
      In this work we study the fatigue behavior of plasma sprayed metallic coatings on graphite reinforced polymer matrix composites. In the absence of any standards for testing of coatings, the ASTM standard for composites was ...