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    • Indian music 

      Lieurance, Thurlow, 1878-1963.; Cadman, Charles Wakefield, 1881-1946.; Nevin, Arthur, 1871-1943. (T. Presser Co, 2018)
    • International relations : an introduction 

      Farnsworth, David N. (David Nelson), 1929-2020 (Nelson-Hall, Chicago, 1992)
      This book attempts to take some of the confusion and fear out of studying international relations. This is done by analyzing central concepts such as power and nationalism, by looking at the various ways in which the ...
    • Inverse problems for partial differential equations 

      Isakov, Victor (Springer, 2017)
      This third edition expands upon the earlier edition by adding nearly 40 pages of new material reflecting the analytical and numerical progress in inverse problems in last 10 years. As in the second edition, the emphasis ...
    • Liberation psychology : theory, method, practice, and social justice 

      Comas-Días, Lillian; Torres Rivera, Edil (American Psychological Association, 2020)
      The book discusses liberation psychology, a discipline that encourages empowerment, healing, and transformation. Liberation psychology refers to the use of psychological approaches to understand and address oppression among ...
    • Literary folios and ideas of the book in early modern England 

      Connor, Francis X. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
      Repudiating the "gentle hoarders" : from manuscript to print in Sidney's Arcadias -- Samuel Daniel's works and the history and theory of the book -- Ben Jonson's Workes and bibliographic integrity -- Whatever you do, buy ...
    • Marketing for all the marbles everyday : people and events shaping the continuing evolution of marketing practice 

      Martin, Charles L. (CIBER Publications, 2019-10-19)
      Marketing For All the Marbles Every day -- or Marketing FAME for short -- is an affordable annual series filled with practical information and insights to improve organizations' marketing practices and prepare readers for ...
    • Our common school heritage: a history of the Wichita Public Schools 

      Van Meter, Sondra (Kansas Board of Education, 1977)
      The purpose of this book is to document accurately the history of public education in the Wichita school district. In order to record the goals and achievements, it has been necessary to examine the multifaceted background ...
    • Problems in developing academic library collections 

      Schad, Jasper G., 1932-; Tanis, Norman E., 1929-2010 (Bowker, 1974)
    • Selfie Biometrics : Advances and Challenges 

      Rattani, Ajita; Derakhshani, Reza; Ross, Arun A. (Springer, 2019)
      This book highlights the field of selfie biometrics, providing a clear overview and presenting recent advances and challenges. It also discusses numerous selfie authentication techniques on mobile devices. Biometric ...
    • Sport public relations: Managing organizational communication 

      Stoldt, G. Clayton, 1962-; Dittmore, Stephen W., 1968-; Branvold, Scott E., 1949- (Human Kinetics, 2006)
      This book is intended for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students studying sport administration or public relations. It covers all aspects of public relations, starting with the basics and progressing all the way ...
    • Sport public relations: Managing stakeholder communication 

      Stoldt, G. Clayton, 1962-; Dittmore, Stephen W., 1968-; Branvold, Scott E., 1949- (Human Kinetics, 2012)
      Sport Public Relations: Managing Stakeholder Communication, Second Edition, takes a comprehensive, businesslike approach to the practice of public relations in sport. Rather than address public relations only as a means ...
    • Standing proudly on the hill : a pictorial history of Wichita State University, 1895-1995 

      Wichita State University. Centennial Committee; Hammond, Geraldine E. (Geraldine Elizabeth), 1909; Platt, George M. (George Milo); Rhatigan, James J. (Wichita State University, 1995)
      This book published by the WSU Centennial Committee, includes historical photographs that reflect the development of Wichita State University through the years of Fairmount College (1895-1926), Municipal University of ...
    • The aesthetics of György Lukács 

      Királyfálvi, Béla,1937- (Princeton University Press, 1975)
    • The American spectrum, a documentary history to 1865 

      Born, John D. (John Dewey),1931-2011 (Libra Press, 1968)
      This reader includes selected documents from historians and the editor's comments grouped by the following topics: (1) The Age of exploration and discovery; (2) Life in Colonial America; (3) Revolution, confederation, ...
    • The American tribe 

      Holmes, Lowell D.(Lowell Don),1925-2010. (Xerox Individualized Publishing,, 1977)
    • The book of wheat :an economic history and practical manual of the wheat industry 

      Dondlinger, Peter Tracy,1877- (Orange Judd Company, NY, 1908)
    • The Sharps rifle episode in Kansas history 

      Isely, William Henry, 1865-1907. (Oxford Press, 1907-04)
    • Uncloistered halls : the centennial history of Wichita State University 

      Miner, H. Craig (Copyright Wichita State University, 1995, 1995)
    • Women's movements in twentieth-century Taiwan 

      Chang, Doris T. (University of Illinois Press, 2009)
      The first book in English to consider feminist movements and discourses in modern Taiwan This book is the first in English to consider women's movements and feminist discourses in twentieth-century Taiwan. Doris T. Chang ...
    • Zeb Silhouette 

      Okafor, Chinyere Grace (Sub-Saharan Publishers, 2021)
      In her capacity as a writer in the Diaspora, Okafor graphically delineates the immigrant experience lived by a black woman, Zeb, who seeks refuge in the United States, after having been exiled by a dictatorial Nigerian ...