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    • Energy efficiency: Indicator, estimation, and a new idea 

      Chen, Ku Hsieh; Cheng, Jen-Chi; Lee, Joe Ming; Li, Liou Yuan; Peng, Sheng Yu (MDPI AG, 2020-06-17)
      Energy efficiency has long been an important issue to the global economic and political theaters; however, searching for an effective and concise measure for efficiency remains a contentious and intriguing topic. There are ...
    • Gains from Integration? An empirical hint from the eurozone 

      Chen, Ku Hsieh; Cheng, Jen-Chi; Lee, Joe Ming; Chen, Chihchun (European Review, 2020-03-26)
      Has the eurozone (EZ) really gained from integration? This study applied two econometric frameworks, mGARCH and gMMPI, to test this hypothesis, using panel data that span 1996-2014, a total of 19 years, involving the EZ, ...
    • Is full efficiency achievable? An empirical study of the banking industry in Taiwan 

      Chen, Ku Hsieh; Cheng, Jen-Chi; Lee, Joe Ming; Chi, Ching Fang (Blackwell Publishing Inc., 2018-11-10)
      This paper aims to propose a feasible framework for estimating the efficiency of input factors for banks and the adjustment of these factors necessary to achieve full efficiency in the short and long term. Based on a sample ...