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    • Interpersonal needs in middle adolescents: companionship, leadership and intimacy 

      Bakken, Linda; Romig, Charles A. (Elsevier, 1992-09)
      Recent research suggests that, along with identity, intimacy is an important developmental construct during adolescence. Are there gender differences in current society regarding intimacy development? Two hundred and seven ...
    • A longitudinal study of preschool children's (Homo sapiens) sex segregation 

      Bohn-Gettler, Catherine M.; Pellegrini, Anthony D.; Dupuis, Danielle; Hickey, Meghan; Hou, Yuefeng; Roseth, Cary; Solberg, David (American Psychological Association, 2010-05)
      In this 2-year longitudinal study, we hypothesized that sex of the human child (Homo sapiens), differences in physical activity, and time of the year would interact to influence preschool children's sex segregation. We ...