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  • Mechanical generation of concrete syntax rules for the Schütz semantic editor 

    Johnson, Christopher Wayne (2007-05)
    Schütz is a programmer's editor designed by Dr. Rodney Bates. Through its language definition language, users may adapt Schütz to any programming language. Describing a programming language in the language definition ...
  • Testing the satisfiability of tree pattern queries with node identity constraints 

    Gobbert, Barbara Jane (2007-05)
    This research deals with testing the satisfiability of a subclass of XQuery and XPath expressions that contain node identity constraints. This subclass of expressions is called Conjunctive XPath. A query is satisfiable if ...
  • Study of parallelism in multi-join queries 

    Jagannathaswamy, Vivek (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2007-04-27)
    With relations growing larger and queries becoming more complex, parallel query processing is an increasingly attractive option for improving the performance of database systems. In this study, we exploit inter-operator ...