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    • Dual function inhibitors of relevance to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 

      Dou, Dengfeng; He, Guijia; Alliston, Kevin R.; Groutas, William C. (Elsevier, 2011-05-15)
      The general strategy and rationale underlying the design of COPD therapeutics that possess protease inhibitory activity and are also capable of releasing a species that attenuates inflammation by inhibiting caspase-1, are ...
    • Human neutrophil proteinase 3: mapping of the substrate binding site using peptidyl thiobenzyl esters 

      Brubaker, Michael J.; Groutas, William C.; Hoidal, John R.; Rao, Narayanam V. (Elsevier, 1992-11-16)
      A series of peptidyl thiobenzyl esters was used to map the active site of human leukocyte proteinase 3. The steady-state kinetics parameters reveal the following features regarding the substrate specificity of proteinase ...
    • Inhibitors of human neutrophil cathepsin G: structural and biochemical studies 

      Groutas, William C.; Brubaker, Michael J.; Venkataraman, Radhika; Epp, Jeffrey B.; Stanga, Michael A.; McClenahan, Jerald J. (Elsevier, 1992-04-01)
      The interaction of a series of sulfonate and phosphate esters derived from N-hydroxysuccinimide with human leukocyte cathepsin G was investigated. The synthesized compounds were found to be time-dependent inhibitors of the ...