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    • Evolution of structure and transport properties of the Ba$_8$Cu$_{16}$P$_{30}$ clathrate-I framework with the introduction of Ga 

      Sarkar, Arka; Viswanathan, Gayatri; Yox, Philip; Harycki, Stasia; Cerasoli, Frank T.; Wang, Jian; Perras, Frédéric A.; Gundlach-Graham, Alexander; Donadio, Davide; Kovnir, Kirill (American Institute of Physics Inc., 2022-05-09)
      Two type-I clathrates were synthesized by introducing Ga into the framework of the Ba$_8$Cu$_{16}$P$_{30}$ type-I clathrate. The introduction of minute amounts of Ga, 1.9% Ga/Mtotal (where $M_{total}$ = Cu + Ga), resulted ...
    • Flux growth of phosphide and arsenide crystals 

      Wang, Jian; Yox, Philip; Kovnir, Kirill (Frontiers Media S.A., 2020-04-02)
      Flux crystal growth has been widely applied to explore new phases and grow crystals of emerging materials. To accommodate the needs of high-quality single crystals, the flux crystal growth should be reliable, controllable, ...
    • Thermoelectric materials 

      Yox, Philip; Viswanathan, Gayatri; Sarkar, Arka; Wang, Jian; Kovnir, Kirill; Reedijk, Jan; Poeppelmeier, Kenneth R. (Elsevier Ltd, 2023-01-01)
      In this chapter, the chemistry of the thermoelectric materials is discussed. First a basic introduction to the thermoelectrics phenomena, fundamental materials parameters, and potential device applications is provided. ...