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    • Expression profiling of in vivo ductal carcinoma in situ progression models identified B cell lymphoma-9 as a molecular driver of breast cancer invasion 

      Elsarraj, Hanan S.; Hong, Yan; Valdez, Kelli E.; Michaels, Whitney; Hook, Marcus; Smith, William P.; Chien, Jeremy; Herschkowitz, Jason I.; Troester, Melissa A.; Beck, Moriah R.; Inciardi, Marc; Gatewood, Jason; May, Lisa; Cusick, Therese; McGinness, Marilee; Ricci, Lawrence; Fan, Fang; Tawfik, Ossama; Marks, Jeffrey R.; Knapp, Jennifer R.; Yeh, Hung-Wen; Thomas, Patricia; Carrasco, D. R.; Fields, Timothy A.; Godwin, Andrew K.; Behbod, Fariba (BioMed Central Ltd, 2015-09-17)
      Introduction: There are an estimated 60,000 new cases of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) each year. A lack of understanding in DCIS pathobiology has led to overtreatment of more than half of patients. We profiled the ...