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    • Addition of H2O and O2 to acetone and dimethylsulfoxide ligated uranyl(V) dioxocations 

      Leavitt, Christopher M.; Bryantsev, Vyacheslav S.; De Jong, Wibe A.; Diallo, Mamadou S.; Goddard, William A.; Groenewold, Gary S.; Van Stipdonk, Michael J. (American Chemical Society, 2009-03-19)
      Gas-phase complexes of the formula [UO2(lig)]+ (lig = acetone (aco) or dimethylsulfoxide (dmso)) were generated by electrospray ionization (ESI) and studied by tandem ion-trap mass spectrometry to determine the general ...
    • The gas-phase bis-uranyl nitrate complex [(UO(2))(2)(NO(3))(5)](-): Infrared spectrum and structure 

      Groenewold, Gary S.; Van Stipdonk, Michael J.; Omens, Jos; De Jong, Wibe A.; McIlwain, Michael E. (Elsevier, 2011-12-01)
      The infrared spectrum of the bis-uranyl nitrate complex [(UO(2))(2)(NO(3))(5)](-) was measured in the gas phase using multiple photon dissociation (IRMPD). Intense absorptions corresponding to the nitrate symmetric and ...