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    • Correlation of tensile and bending strength of composites with a circular hole 

      Zhao, Yi; Pang, Su-Seng; Yang, Chihdar Charles (American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 1996-10)
      While significant studies have been conducted on composites containing a circular or an elliptic hole under tensile loading, few investigations have been reported on notched composites under bending due to the complex ...
    • Finite element analysis of adhesive-bonded single-lap joints 

      Yang, Chihdar Charles; Guan, Zhidong; Tomblin, John S.; Sun, Wenjun (American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME), 2002-02)
      Finite element analyses were conducted using commercial software ABAQUS to analyze the mechanical behavior of single-lap adhesive-bonded joints. Adhesive was characterized for the stress-strain relation by comparing the ...