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    • Impact response and microstructural analysis of two glass/epoxy composite laminates 

      Pang, Su-Seng; Krishnappa, Sreeni; Yang, Chihdar Charles (American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 1995-06)
      Low velocity impact tests were performed on two glass/epoxy (spring orientation and crossply) composite laminates. A weight drop tower tester was previously constructed to study the impact energy absorbed by a composite ...
    • Impact response of single-lap composite joints 

      Pang, Su-Seng; Yang, Chihdar Charles; Zhao, Yi (Elsevier, 1995)
      The low-velocity impact of adhesive-bonded single-lap composite joints has been studied using a spring-mass model. In this quasi-static model, the impact response is represented by a time-dependent force, and the target ...
    • Low-velocity impact and damage process of composite laminates 

      Guan, Zhidong; Yang, Chihdar Charles (SAGE Publications, 2002-04)
      Several important issues regarding damage simulation of composite laminates due to low velocity impact were investigated including contact law, damage initiation and the corresponding change of stiffness, and damping. ...