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    • Elastic-plastic model of adhesive-bonded single-lap composite joints 

      Yang, Chihdar Charles; Huang, Hai; Tomblin, John S.; Sun, Wenjun (SAGE Publications, 2004-02)
      An analytical model for determining adhesive stress distributions within the adhesive-bonded single-lap composite joints was developed. ASTM D3165 Strength Properties of Adhesives in Shear by Tension Loading of SingleLap-Joint ...
    • Strain energy release rate analysis of adhesive-bounded composite laminate joints with a cohesive crack 

      Yang, Chihdar Charles; Dan-Jumbo, Eugene; Keller, Russell L.; Garg, V.; Raju, Salahuddin (American Society for Composites (ASC) & Canadian Association Composites Structures and Materials (CACSMA), 2009-09)
      Fiber-reinforced composites have been widely used in the aviation industry due to their light weight and high corrosion resistance. In many applications, bolted joints have been replaced by adhesive-bonded joints because ...