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    • Building collections in IRs from external data sources 

      Deng, Sai; Matveyeva, Susan J. (2012-10)
      This presentation will address the experiments of building research publication collections from external data sources such as PubMed, IEEE Xplore and Web of Science in the DSpace based institutional repository (IR). ...
    • Building the Bridge: collaboration between Technical Services and Special Collections 

      Matveyeva, Susan J.; Walker, Lizzy (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, 2014-10-08)
      At Wichita State University Ablah Library, members of Technical Services and Special Collections began collaborating on a mass digitization project to increase visibility and accessibility of Special Collections holdings, ...
    • Cataloging quality as a communicative process 

      Matveyeva, Susan J. (American Library Association, 2004-06-26)
      The presentation discusses the usage of the online catalog by library staff, and showed the impact of staff's needs on quality of cataloging, in her remarks, "Cataloging quality as a communicative process." The presentation ...
    • Changing needs, changing roles 

      Deyoe, Nancy; Matveyeva, Susan J.; Walker, Mary; Williams, Virginia Kay (2009-04-01)
      When library needs change, how does technical services respond? In the last two years, Wichita State started an Institutional Repository, created an Electronic Resources position, and coped with the retirement of a long-term ...
    • Customized mapping and metadata transfer from DSpace/SOAR to OCLC and Voyager 

      Deng, Sai; Matveyeva, Susan J.; Wang, Tse-Min (Ex-Libris Southcentral Users Group (ELSUG) Meeting 2008, 2008-10-09)
      We present an experiment of customized mapping and metadata transfer from DSpace/SOAR to OCLC to improve ETD work flow at Wichita State University Libraries. SOAR (Shocker Open Access Repository) is a DSpace based digital ...
    • Developing an effective mentoring program 

      Zhang, Sha Li; Deyoe, Nancy; Matveyeva, Susan J. (American Library Association, 2006-10-16)
    • Enhancing workflow through batch import from Excel to DSpace 

      Deng, Sai; Matveyeva, Susan J.; Khan, Baseer (Kansas Library 2010 Conference., 2010-04-08)
      This presentation will address WSU Libraries' implementation of external programming to enhance workflow in its institutional Repository, SOAR (Shocker Open Access Repository). It will discuss several cases including the ...
    • From scratch: developing an effective mentoring program 

      Zhang, Sha Li; Deyoe, Nancy; Matveyeva, Susan J. (Internet Chinese Librarians Club, 2007-12)
      Formal mentoring programs are increasingly recognized as a means of recruitment and retention in a library setting. An effective mentoring program assists new librarians with diverse backgrounds in their professional growth ...
    • How to establish a successful institutional repository in a small or medium-sized academic institution 

      Matveyeva, Susan J. (2011-10-21)
      The presentation is focused on a concept of an institutional repository designed for a medium-sized or small colleges and universities. This concept takes into consideration the needs of smaller institutions and the niche ...
    • Implement online dissertations to support global learning environment 

      Downes, Kathy A.; Matveyeva, Susan J.; Zhang, Sha Li (Wichita State University, 2004-11-10)
      Presented at the Information Technology Conference, Wichita State University, 2004
    • Implementing Shocker Open Access Repository 

      Matveyeva, Susan J. (Kansas Library Association, 2008-04-09)
      With implementation of SOAR (Shocker Open Access Repository), Wichita State University faculty, staff, and students received a secure electronic database to store and access their works, educational material, and university ...
    • Mentoring program in public and academic libraries: practical approach 

      Matveyeva, Susan J.; Deyoe, Nancy (Kansas Library Association, 2007-04-14)
      The presentation highlights the differences between formal and informal mentoring, mentoring programs in public and academic libraries as well as the benefits of mentoring programs for mentees, mentors, and libraries.
    • Promoting university inventors: Patent collection in Shocker Open Access Repository 

      Matveyeva, Susan J.; Henning, Samantha (New Prairie Press, 2020)
      Wichita State University is known for its advances in STEM research for many decades, but there were few inventions patented by WSU. In recent years, commercialization of the results of applied research, especially ...
    • Repository services for students, faculty, and research administration 

      Matveyeva, Susan J. (Kansas Library Association, 2012-04-12)
      Institutional repository services are a fast growing new academic library service. Unlike other library services focused on delivering information created elsewhere, institutional repository services concentrate on collecting, ...
    • A role for classification: the organization of resources on the Internet 

      Matveyeva, Susan J. (Michigan Library Association, 2002-06-14)
      The author explores a number of theoretical and practical issues concerning classification of remote electronic resources. The necessity to catalog electronic resources has raised questions regarding including and ...
    • Saddling the whirlwind: exploring an organizational culture of a hybrid library 

      Matveyeva, Susan J.; Deyoe, Nancy (Maryville, MO : Northwest Missouri State University, c2006., 2006-11-03)
      How to cope with the whirlwind of changes with no additional staff or money? The small cataloging unit seeks the answer on this familiar question in its organizational culture that includes a “team” and “hierarchical” ...
    • Sharing a project management experience: SOAR / DSpace upgrade and enhancement 

      Matveyeva, Susan J. (Kansas Library Association. College and University Library Section, 2010-10-15)
      This summer SOAR (Shocker Open Access Repository) was going through major upgrade and enhancement. The software system was upgraded from DSpace 1.4.2 to DSpace 1.6.2. A new Manakin XML UI was built for SOAR. Submission ...
    • SOAR Marketing 

      Matveyeva, Susan J. (2008-10-23)
      Presentation promoting SOAR to WSU faculty.
    • SOAR: Promotional brochure 

      Matveyeva, Susan J. (2008-08)
      Promotional brochure
    • Wichita State University Virtual Herbarium: Filling a critical gap 

      Jameson, Mary Liz; Matveyeva, Susan J.; Russell, F. Leland; Deng, Sai; Scott, Stephen (Kansas State University. Great Plains Plant Systematics Symposium, 2010-10-08)
      The Wichita State University (WSU) Herbarium is an active, regional collection with data that fill an important geographical gap in the Great Plains region. Specimens and associated data are essential in the management ...