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dc.contributor.authorFlores, Raymond
dc.contributor.authorKrutka, Daniel G.
dc.contributor.authorCramer, Katherine Mason
dc.contributor.authorBergman, Daniel J.
dc.identifier.citationFlores, R., Krutka, D.G., Mason, K. & Bergman, D.J. (2013). "'More Like a Conversation': Cultivating Reflective Dialoge With a Student-Centered Observation Form." PDS Partners, 9(2), 15.
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dc.description.abstractSupervision of teacher candidates (TCs) in the field is often teacher-centered, anti-dialogical, and focused on the evaluation of TCs (Nolan & Francis, 1992; Coombs et al., 2013). With a teacher-centered approach to supervision, university supervisors often play the role of 'silent outsiders' who take notes at the back of the room, produce written reports of what is observed, and provide TCs with ratings of their performance. While this approach is common, it is not always compatible with the learning needs of TCs (Paris & Gespass, 2001). In addition, it does not promote active engagement by TCs, require them to take initiative and responsibility for their own learning, or promote reflective practice.
dc.publisherNational Association for Professional Development Schools
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPDS Partners;
dc.subjectUniversity administration
dc.subjectTeacher candidates
dc.title"More like a conversation": Cultivating reflective dialoge with a student-centered observation form
dc.rights.holderCopyright National Association for Professional Development Schools, 2013

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