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  • Space Ethics 

    Milligan, Tony; Johnson-Schwartz, J.S. (Taylor and Francis, 2023)
    The origins of space ethics are to be found within the space community, with professional philosophers and ethicists joining the discussion more recently. Typical concerns include space mining; risk, disclosure, and justice ...
  • Reclaiming Space: Progressive and Multicultural Visions of Space Exploration 

    Schwartz, James S.J.; Billings, Linda; Nesvold, Erika (Oxford University Press, 2023-02-23)
    This volume aims to incubate, illuminate, and illustrate a more diverse and inclusive conservation about space exploration, at a time when Western, free-market capitalist values are dominant in spaceflight culture (and in ...
  • The evolution of Li Dazhao's Chinese nationalism 

    Lu, Xiufen (Routledge, 2023-03-30)
    Studies on Chinese nationalism in Western academia have been influenced by a popular theory called ‘the culturalism-to-nationalism thesis’, a loosely formulated interpretive paradigm which emerged in late 1960s. The ...
  • An introduction to reclaiming space 

    Schwartz, James S.J.; Billings, Linda; Nesvold, Erika (Oxford University Press, 2023-02-23)
    This chapter provides a substantive introduction to and contextualization of the contents of the volume. In addition to describing the methods used to select contributors, it discusses themes of major importance not only ...
  • Appreciating What's Beautiful about Space 

    Schwartz, James S.J. (Oxford University Press, 2023-02-23)
    "Appreciating What's Beautiful about Space" uses a critical perspective to explore spaceflight culture and the appreciation of space exploration in the United States. It argues that appreciating what's beautiful about space ...
  • How mathematics figures differently in exact solutions, simulations, and physical models 

    Sterrett, Susan G. (Springer Nature, 2023-03-29)
    The role of mathematics in scientific practice is too readily relegated to that of formulating equations that model or describe what is being investigated, and then finding solutions to those equations. I survey the role ...
  • Justice in space: Demanding political philosophy for demanding environments 

    Schwartz, James S.J. (Oxford University Press, 2022-12-01)
    This chapter argues that the demanding nature of space environments (their hostility to human life; their lack of breathable air and consumable water) create a substantive obligation on the part of any space society to ...
  • A Space Settler's Bill of Rights 

    Greenall-Sharp, Russell; Kobza, David; Houston, Courtney; Allabbad, Mohammad; Staggs, Jamie; Schwartz, James S.J. (Scrivener Publishing, 2021-09-22)
    We propose a Bill of Rights for space settlers, which includes rights associated with basic physiological needs; physical and psychological well-being; freedom of expression; privacy; reproductive autonomy; vocational and ...
  • Declaration and bestowal: a love story 

    Hershfield, Jeffrey A. (Springer, 2022-02-16)
    Irving Singer has defended the thesis that the "fne gold thread" of love, its sine qua non, is the bestowal of value by the lover on the beloved, even in those cases where the love itself is grounded in a positive appraisal ...
  • Rationality assumptions and their limits 

    Feleppa, Robert (SAGE Publications Inc., 2021-11-22)
    In “Different Cultures, Different Rationalities” (2000) Stephen Lukes weighs in on the controversies concerning the killing of Captain Cook by Hawaiians and what it says about the role of rationality assumptions in ...
  • System navigation models to facilitate engagement in pediatric behavioral health services: A systematic review 

    Petts, Rachel A.; McClain, Maryellen B.; Azad, Gazi F.; Shahidullah, Jeffrey D. (American Psychological Association, 2021-10-01)
    Introduction: Despite increased prevalence and identification of pediatric behavioral health concerns, families face many barriers when attempting to access behavioral health services. System navigators, or individuals ...
  • Introduction: Disagreement—epistemological and argumentation-theoretic perspectives 

    Bondy, Patrick R.; Godden, David (Springer, 2021-10-11)
  • Identifying motivational factors affecting assist-as-needed rehabilitation 

    Mosqueda, Gissele; Sutton, Rachel; Miranda, Virgil; Tri, Anna; Vangsness, Lisa; Yihun, Yimesker S. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2020-05-11)
    Robot-based, assist-as-needed (AAN) therapeutic devices are one solution to the high costs and increased demand for rehabilitative therapy. Three decades of work have improved the design of robot-based AAN devices; however, ...
  • Using mobile technology to enhance college sexual violence response, prevention, and risk reduction efforts 

    Potter, Sharyn J.; Moschella, Elizabeth A.; Demers, Jennifer M.; Lynch, Michelle (Routledge, 2021-06)
    Given high rates of sexual violence (SV) perpetrated against college students, campus administrators need to identify and utilize strategies to prevent and reduce the risk of SV before, during, and after violence has ...
  • Epistemologys prime evils 

    Bondy, Patrick R. (Brill Academic Publishers, 2021-05-26)
    This essay addresses what we can call epistemology’s Prime Evils. These are the three demons epistemologists have conjured that are the most troublesome and the most difficult to dispel: Descartes’ classic demon; Lehrer ...
  • What do we need to ask before settling space? 

    Schwartz, James S.J.; Wells-Jensen, Sheri; Traphagan, John W.; Weibel, Deana L.; Smith, Kelly C. (British Interplanetary Society, 2021-04)
    We advocate for a "humanitarian review" of space settlement proposals, which takes seriously the various cultural and ethical questions that space settlement raises. As a preview of how such a review might be conducted, ...
  • Can video games help prevent violence? An evaluation of games promoting bystander intervention to combat sexual violence on college campuses. 

    Potter, Sharyn J.; Demers, Jennifer M.; Flanagan, Mary; Seidman, Max; Moschella, Elizabeth A. (American Psychological Association, 2021)
    Objective: Several studies have documented sustained changes in knowledge, attitudes, and bystander behaviors following participation in bystander intervention programs to prevent sexual violence on college campuses. ...
  • Confucius and the role of reason 

    Soles, David E. (Wiley, 1995-02-10)
  • Mo Tzu and the foundations of morality 

    Soles, David E. (Wiley, 1999-02)
  • Xunzi: Moral education and transformation 

    Lu, Xiufen (Routledge, 2020-11-08)
    A fair amount of recent Xunzi scholarship has focused on the problem of moral transformation. The problem being addressed supposedly arises this way. According to Xunzi, human nature is innately or inherently evil; ...

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